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Dear hitchhiking Friends,< br />
Big wheels keep on turnin’, which is why it’s time to drop some news. In around 6 weeks we’ll hit the road, the first team dizzes have happened and a few teams have found their first sponsors and the first donations are in.

So here’s the most recent developments!

We’re approaching 40 registerd teams! Here and there a few waiver forms or hitchpackage payments are missing, but soon all those teams will be online and have chosen a route! The Route “Blues Laboe” (from Berlin) is almost full, “Tigers Gaarden” also appears to be a preference! Hence, he who wants his favorite route knows what to do… ;)

2. TeamProfile Menu
TeamCaptains may now add their hitchmates as users to the profile menu, if the hitchmates are registered to as well. This way, hitchmates can check the registration progress and change the profile as well.

3. Shirts!
Teammembers of teams who ordered the HitchPackage can now choose their preferred shirt sizes in the TeamProfile menu, once they’ve paid up.
The final colors and design can be checked here: Das Hitchpaket.
We’re happy with it, hope you’ll be too. As said before, if you had chosen to not get a package earlier and want one now, you can still order one with Ansgar (gro.nennerpmartnull@ragsna). We’d be delighted :)

The donation counter is reving upwards – 26 cent/km are in! :)
Some teams have already acquired TeamSponsors and TeamOwners! A prime example is the team K2Go from Bremen! Konrad & Katja have already put considerable effort in for clean drinking water:
K2Go Teamprofile
As an aside – last year’s counter topped out at 4.13 Euro. Let’s challenge that!< br />
Also check the video of team Herschel Krustofski, Maurits and Gero are going full power:
Herschel Krustofski announces Tramprennen 2011
Nuff respect for this crazy shit!!! :)

5. Viva con Agua Website
We hacked a Tramprennen info page into the Viva con Agua website, which is an ideal digital flyer with concise information:
Have a look!
You might want to share that link with friends & family when starting your personal donation hunt :)

6. Water projects!
If you’re unfamiliar with the water projects we’re collecting donations for this year, how our cooperation with Viva con Agua works and how the projects are put into reality, this overview will inform you:
zum Spendenprojekt

7. Still got questions?
We are still working on one or the other little tidbit and are looking forward to putting out our thumb with you! If we can help you with something, you’ve got a specific unanswered question or found a bug on the website – we are happy about any messages from you!

Let’s go crazy!!
We can’t wait for two fun weeks of hitchhiking with you!

The Tramprennenenennenen 2011-Crew!

Sarah, Marsl, Ansmann, Pille, Franzidirk, das Vorbild, Wuddich und Malte

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