Newsletter #4: 2nd Basle route has been cancelled!

Hello Friends, fresh from us to you: the new newsletter!

1. The route “Maddox” from Basel is cancelled!

We had to debate this for a while but made the most sensible choice in the matter of routes and participants. We will start with 4 instead of 5 routes and cancelled one of the two routes starting from Basel. Currently the field is pretty close to 4×12 teams and we do not expect the fifth route to have filled up in the next two weeks. We would have loved for all 5 routes to work, but we did not want to start with a half-full fifth route.

Hence, registration state looks like this now:

Tigers Gaarden: 12 teams (full)
Blues Laboe: 12 teams (full)
Ederbier Destroyerz: 9 teams
Fugbaum Kneipenterroristen: 11 teams

In the following week you’ll also receive updates with the exact starting and meeting points in Hamburg, Berlin and Basel.

We have received several request as to whether it might be possible to add a 13th team to a specific route. While we understand the wish very much, it cannot be done. For several reasons, one of which are group dynamics, we limited routes to 12 teams last year with positive results. Of course it can always happen, that a team spontaneously cancels or wants to swith routes. Please follow our facebook and forum posts. Or post in the forum yourself, if you want to switch.
A big sorry from our side of things, but please understand our motivations.

2. HitchPackage from now on only without SIM-card.

Our contingent of SIM-cards has been used up. Nonetheless all teams further have the opportunity to grab the “veggie hitchpackage”. It includes a Shirt, stickers and Edding markers! Questions about it should be directed to Ansgar (gro.nennerpmartnull@ragsna)! :)

3. Newspapers, radio and other media

Marcel and Sarah are tirelessly contacting magazines and newspapers, but can always use your help. So if you’d like an article in your local paper, write to the staff – many are happy about some interesting stuff, especially during summer! To contact a newspaper, you can use the (so far German only) press-area ( Or write to Marcel: gro.nennerpmartnull@lecram

The team Herschel Krustofski pioneered this action, check their article in the “Badischen Zeitung”: Article in Badische Zeitung

4. The DonationCounter

Goes steadily upwards! Together we so far manages to wash over 5000 bucks into the buckdet!! Respect!! Who knows, maybe we’ll manage to beat last year’s 413 cent – if everybody finds a few half-cent/km sponsors (12,50 Euro), we’ll come closer to our common goal!
Let’s do it! :)

5. Water is life!

Why we collect donations on the road will be nicely demonstrated by the documentaries on phoenix tonight at 22:15. Under the common title “The global water crisis”, phoenix will air several documentaries that tell the story of the global drinking water deficit and the problem of water privatization. A recommended watch: preview on phoenix

We can’t wait to go nuts with you – 2 weeks left!!!
Cheeeers and Whoop Whoop!!

Your Tramprennen-Dudes and Dudesses!
Ansgar, Hauke, Marcel, Sarah, Franzi, Malte, Pille und Wuddich

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