News #3: Hitchpackage, Shirt sizes, routes

Hey Hitchers!

Here’s newsletter #3, please read especiall the first part! :)

1. Deadline Hitchpackage + your your shirt size until August 5th

Please transfer the money for the hitchpackage until August 5th! Especially the teams who ordered the packages after registration through Ansgar. Soon we’ll have to print the shirts, therefore we need your shirt sizes. In your profile menu is a menu where you can choose the shirtsize, please do so. As a short note: the shirts have a casual design, if your shirt size is inbetween S and M you might choose the bigger one…
Concerning the SIM-cards: our sponsor provides us with 40 SIM cards. Because so many teams requested a hitchpackage, this contingent will habe reached its limit soon! On the one hand its pretty sad, because we can’t provide every team with a SIM card. On the other side we’re more than happy, because we can cover all running costs through your help :)

2. The DonationCounter is exploding!

Yesterday we altogether cracked the 4000€! Totally insane, so many donations already three weeks before the race starts!

Big impact is thorugh the eBay auction of team “Funky Toilet” by team “Ehrenamt hat Feierabend” and “Schwabbelarsch”. Hannes managed to collect 550 Euro within a couple of days and is now his own TeamOwner! Check his profile:
Team Funky Toilet ! Awesomness! :D

Another great example is Team HansDampf from Hannover who can now proudly call a drunken Linux-Penguin their new TeamOwner! Check it: Team HansDampf

folks, let’s skyrocket the Counter together! :)
if you need some hints how to get sponsors, check our fundraising toolkit: Fundraising Toolkit

3. Registrations!

The routes are getting more and more crowded with teams. 1x Berlin and 1x Hamburg are full, 1x Basel and 1x Hamburg again half full with 6 teams.
Only route Maddox is still lonesome on the road with Team “Schwabbelarsch”. We consider to merge both routes from Basel in case no more teams will show up. So please, push the race. Tell your friends, share the link and the project on facebook! :)

Tramprennen Crew! :)
Pille, Malte, Ansgar, Hauke, Sarah, Frirk, Marcel, Wuddinger

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