It all started back in good ole’ 2006, when two of us, started hitchhiking for the first time during their holidays, and then quite quickly and awesomely: we turned it into a race. This was done as a premeditative calculation in order to increase our level of fun from “super fun”, to the highest level possible: “Mega Extreme 2 The Maximum Fun”, and so begins the legend of Tramprennen.
Later, in 2008, we decided that the fun and awesomeness might reach an even higher level, if we added more people to the competition. Thus we did, and the race grew bigger. Seeing that many of us were already volunteers in Viva con Agua (the WASH projects, remember?), it was quite clear what we had to do. So we picked up our big gorgeous bags and stuck our thumbs proudly in the direction of the Water World Expo in Saragossa, Spain. For many people this was their first time hitching, but definitely not the last, and so Tramprennen was born.
Even though years have passed by and the number of hitchers joining in has become over a hundred peeps, the original spirit of Tramprennen still remains. The race was split into different routes to avoid too large groups standing at the same spot and the support to water projects developed into fundraising. Racers are encouraged to find donors, “sponsoring” their own team and our friends, families and partners donated more than 125.000€ over the last 10 years. Big thanks to everyone how made this great amount happening.