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Newsletter #2 – Route cancellation, DonationCounter, Be a Local Hero, Pimp ur Profile

A Happy Day!

Two weeks left and the race is on!
These are the news you need for the moment. Please read them carefully, otherwise you might miss some useful information.

1. Registration Stop and cancellation of route Peach

In good old Tramprennen tradition we cancelled one route due to missing teams. Sorry Peach and thanks for being with us till now. Since we’re preparing the Hitchpackages this weekend and every route has 10 to 12 teams now, we stopped team registrations.

That means: 60 teams and 130 Hippyhobos will be on their way to Poland in 2 weeks!! We’re more than happy to hitch with so many great people for the 6th time!! Thumbs up and let the good times roll!

2. About switching a route – yes, possible till friday.

Recently, we had a lot of movement between the routes. Some teams cancelled their participation, others switched from Luigi to Yoshi, from Yoshi to Mario and so on. Right now, there is one free slot left on Yoshi (Breda) and Donkey Kong (Flensburg). Have a look into your Team Dashboard, if you find something else than a 0 in brackets in the “Choose Route” section behind the route names, you can move your team from one to another route. Till friday!

3. DonationCounter fills up

With the participation of everyone we already raised more than 3000 Euro. 307,5 thumbs for the WASH-Project of Viva con Agua in India & Nepal!! K.I.C.K.S ASS! =)
Let’s try to break last years record and crack the 15.000 Euro! Talk to your friends, neighbours and random people alongside the road and ask them for their thumb! Let’s push things forward and big things will happen! Everyone can contribute to this project with only 1 thumb (10 Euro).

4. Pimp ur Profile!

Most important: Pimp ur profile! Upload a nice picture of you and your hitchmate(s), have a little description about your awesomeness and it will be light years easier to find some TeamSponsors! To pimp ur profile click here:

5. PreOpenings in the starting cities

We’re going to have little Pre-Meetings in the starting cities, so everyone will get to know each other a day before the race starts. Please be in your city (Breda, Flensburg, Mainz, Eisenach, Hamburg) on Thursday, 15th of August. The exact meeting point will be announced next week, no worries (usually a small pub).

6. Be a Local Hero: Newspapers, Radios, TV, Blogs

We want to promote the art and beauty of hitchhiking as a common way of travelling! Get in touch with your local newspapers or radio stations and tell them what you’re planning to do. Every article is great and counts. Last year we received a letter from a 96 year old guy who wrote about his hitchhiking stories from the 20s & 30s – just because he read about Tramprennen somewhere in a newspaper! :)
Media Infos can be downloaded here: (english) and here (german)

That’s it for now!
We’re looking forward to kick everyone’s ass soon! :)

Cheeerios and Happy Hitchhiking!

Release of the month: Tramprennen Kart

This year Tramprennen graduated Kindergarten and is now going to elementary school.
Whoop Whoop!

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Tramprennen 2013 starts August 16th and (officially) ends August 30th.
Destination: Masuria, North East Poland
Registrations have begun!

Ever since its first birthday, two loyal supporters have accompanied the Tramprennen:
The mobile phone provider “” and the marker manufacturer “Edding“.
We’d like to express our appreciation for 5 years of support!
Thank you!

Routes 5 & 6 – Donkey Kong & Yoshi

Get your engines roaring! Here are the two last routes of Tramprennen 2013: Donkey Kong and Yoshi. Get ready to select driver!

Nintendo-styled Tramprennen Logo

[split class=”island”]

Route Donkey Kong (Flensburg)

[singlepic id=732 float=left w=80]Donkey Kong kart

Route on Google Maps

Start: Flensburg, D
Fact: Flensburg is famous for the company Beate Uhse, Handball and the “Kraftfahrtbundesamt” in Germany

[singlepic id=693]
Photo: VollwertBIT

1st Stage: Göttingen, D
Fact: Students, student parties, university….

[singlepic id=716]
Photo: Daniel Schwen

2nd Stage: Usti nad Labem, CZ
Fact: in late 90s a 150m long wall was build to keep safe respectable citizens from Gypsies living across the street. It lasted only 6 weeks before being destroyed!

[singlepic id=682]
Photo: Ondrej.konicek

3rd Stage: Česká Skalice, CZ
Fact: there is barrier lake close to the small and old town

[singlepic id=691]
Photo: Matěj Baťha

4th Stage: Poznan, PL
Fact: famous football club, the supporters are doing the craziest pyro-shows (video)

[singlepic id=696]
Photo: Radomil

5th Stage: Ciechanów, PL
Fact: The grad numbered approximately 3,000 armed men..

[singlepic id=705]
Photo: Kaczorgw

[/split][split class=”island last”]

Route Yoshi (Breda)

[singlepic id=733 float=left w=80]Yoshi kart

Route on Google Maps

Start: Breda, NL
Fact: “day of red-haired” celebrated annualy

[singlepic id=690]
Photo: Bart Rowuenhorst

1st Stage: Bleiwäsche, D
Fact: Situated in the middle of Germany, it won’t get any more proper german

[singlepic id=662]
Photo: Witold Grzesiek

2nd Stage: Greifswald, D
Fact: The bigger (by far) one of the two nuclear power plants of the GDR was located very close to Greifswald, in Lubmin (“Kombinat Kernkraftwerke Greifswald”). It was closed in 1990 even before reunification. Since then it’s being decommissioned.

[singlepic id=694]
Photo: Caspar David Friedrich (* 1774 in Greifswald)

3rd Stage: Szczecin, PL
Fact: There should be the last bridge over the Oder before it’s mouth

[singlepic id=697]
Photo: włodi

4th Stage: Kołobrzeg, PL
Fact: a basketball team from Kołobrzeg (Kotwica Kołobrzeg) plays in the highest league of Poland

[singlepic id=717]
Photo: I, D.kwiatek

5th Stage: Hel, PL
Fact: located at the end of a 34 km long and quite narrow peninsula with the same name, the only road leading there can turn in summer into a 34 km long traffic jam :)

[singlepic id=695]
Photo: Bartłomiej Bulicz


Final Stage: Masuria, PL

[singlepic id=685]
Photo: Sicherlich

Routes 3 & 4 – Toad & Peach

Get your engines roaring! Here are the two following routes of Tramprennen 2013: Toad and Peach. Get ready to select driver!

Nintendo-styled Tramprennen Logo

[split class=”island”]

Route Toad (Mainz)

[singlepic id=754 float=left w=80]Toad kart

Route on Google Maps

Start: Mainz, D
Fact: Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg manufactured the first books with his invention, the moveable type printing press, in the middle of 15th century.

[singlepic id=708]
Photo: Welt-der-Form

1st Stage: Kiel, D
Fact: Student city which is famous for the ferries leaving to Scandinavia and the Baltic region, but nothing else ;)

[singlepic id=121]
Photo: Jess

1 1/2th Stage: Kiel,D to Klaipeda,LT
Fact: The shipping company DFDS Seaways is supporting Tramprennen with a boat trip for Route Toad on ferry Regina. Awesome!

[singlepic id=759]
Photo: DFDS

2nd Stage: Riga, LV
Fact: Tramprennen is setting trends again: In 2014 Riga will be European Capital of Culture. Lucky us, that we’re already going in 2013.

[singlepic id=680]
Photo: Pascal

3rd Stage: Võru, EST
Fact: To be honest, we couldn’t find out much about the city, but that makes it even more interesting. The surrounding nature looks awesome!

[singlepic id=681]
Photo: gemeinfrei

4th Stage: Jēkabpils, LV
Fact: Due to wars, the ancient castle of Jekabpils was often destroyed, but you can now visit the wine cellar again, hooorray!!

[singlepic id=710]
Photo: Lidingo11

5th Stage: Vilnius, LT
Fact: Vilnius was the first in the world to offer language classes while you travelled on public transport. While you whiled away the time getting around the city, the “language buses” played a collection of phrases in Polish, Lithuanian and English.

[singlepic id=683]
Photo: Wojsyl

[/split][split class=”island last”]

Route Peach (Freiburg)

[singlepic id=731 float=left w=80]Peach kart

Route on Google Maps

Start: Freiburg, DE
Fact: 2008 Freiburg was the destination of the first Tramprennen stage. And Prof. Pokelsek is living there.

[singlepic id=678]
Photo: Hofec

1st Stage: Würzburg, D
Fact: In 1952 the first pizzeria ever in Germany was opened in Würzburg called “Sabbie di Capri”

[singlepic id=684]
Photo: Daderot

2nd Stage: Usti nad Labem, CZ
Fact: its a centre for tourism owing to the romantic landscape of the Bohemian Highlands and the České Švýcarsko national park.

[singlepic id=682]
Photo: Ondrej.konicek

3rd Stage: Zbąszyń,PL
Fact: You could also take the train starting in Berlin, stop here and end up in Moscow. This railway line was already established in 1870. But we prefer hitchhiking anyway…

[singlepic id=709]
Photo: Jerzy Strzelecki

4th Stage: Kazimierz Dolny, PL
Fact:The town is part of the so-called tourist triangle Puławy – Kazimierz Dolny – Nałęczów. It does not have a rail connection, the nearest station is located in Puławy, so hitchhiking must work there pretty well!

[singlepic id=677]
Photo: Jacek Karczmarz

5th Stage: Bielsk Podlaski, PL
Fact: Bielsk Podlaski has a rich Jewish history which sadly was wiped out in the Holocaust. Fight Facism!

[singlepic id=676]
Photo: Brosen


Final Stage: Masuria, PL

[singlepic id=685]

Routes 1 & 2 – Mario & Luigi

Get your engines roaring! Here are the two first routes of Tramprennen 2013: Mario and Luigi. Get ready to select driver!

Nintendo-styled Tramprennen Logo

[split class=”island”]

Route Mario (Hamburg)

[singlepic id=727 float=left]Mario kart

Route on Google Maps

Start: Hamburg, D
Fact: Hamburg is the homebase of Viva con Agua and part of the race since 2008

[singlepic id=653]
Photo: Graf zu Pappenheim

1st Stage: Bleiwäsche, D
Fact: Situated in the middle of Germany, it won’t get any more proper german

[singlepic id=662]
Photo: Witold Grzesiek

2nd Stage: Hrádek nad Nisou, CZ
Fact: In ancient days, the Romans already passed Hradek on their way to the Baltic Sea

[singlepic id=656]
Photo: Lutz Maertens

3rd Stage: Olomouc, CZ
Fact: Legend claims that the city was founded by Julius Caesar (but it is actually unknown if Caesar ever visited the town)

[singlepic id=652]
Photo: Michal Maňas

4th Stage:Częstochowa, PL
Fact: Seems to be a catholic place: Hometown of a famous “Black Madonna Painting” and they have a 14 meters statue of Pope John Paul II

[singlepic id=663]

5th Stage: Łódź, PL
Fact: Łódź is polish for boat. Legend says that Łódź was named by fisherman who landed on a meadow and covered himself with his boat and waited there until the thunderstorm was over. When the sun appeared again, fisherman saw the beautiful area and decided to live there. He named the area “Lodz” – because the boat saved his life

[singlepic id=711]
Photo: Sicherlich

[/split][split class=”island last”]

Route Luigi (Eisenach)

[singlepic id=729 float=left]Luigi kart

Route on Google Maps

Start: Eisenach, D
Fact: Marco writes this about his hometown, sounds promising: “There is a famous castle, which you can reach on a donkey!” WOW, Tramprennen Crew is highly excited

[singlepic id=665]
Photo: Metilsteiner

1st Stage: Passau, D
Fact: Passau is also known as the Dreiflüssestadt or “City of Three Rivers,” because the Danube is joined at Passau by the Inn from the south and the Ilz from the north

[singlepic id=712]
Photo: Aconcagua

2nd Stage: Neusiedl am See, A
Fact: The city is the biggest city on the lake Neusiedl, which also boarders in Hungary and is Austria’s biggest natural lake

[singlepic id=658]
Photo: Badener

3rd Stage: Banska Stiavnica, SK
Fact: The cosy village was voted best visited town of Tramprennen 2012!!

[singlepic id=660]
Photo: avemundi

4th Stage: Częstochowa, PL
Fact:Seems to be a catholic place: Hometown of a famous “Black Madonna Painting” and they have a 14 meters statue of Pope John Paul II

[singlepic id=663]

5th Stage: Toruń, PL
Fact: Toruń is one of the oldest cities in Poland. The medieval old town of Toruń is the birthplace of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who formulated a heliocentric model of the universe. Got it?

[singlepic id=715]
Photo: DerHexer


Final Stage: Masuria, PL

[singlepic id=685]
Photo: Sicherlich