Hey everybody!

This is the (totally) last newsletter before we meet up tomorrow

First of all: Insane what happened with the donation counter. We
can’t stop wondering and are unbelievably happy about every single
donation. Just amazing!

And: Please don’t forget your ID or passport. A EU ID should work for
all routes, no warranty though!
Important for the route starting from Innsbruck: You do need a “new”
ID (credit card size, issued after November 2010) or a passport.

And: the legendary live ticker is running! The first teams are already
using it! Go to https://test.tramprennen.org/send-ticker-message/ to start
using it and to inform your friends/family/sponsors about the race and
keep them up to date. Oh well, Jonas and Ingo also finished
programming the SMS ticker function. Text +49177 – 9199062 to update
the ticker. Please share the link in all your networks!

That’s it, got to bed a last time before you hit the road!
Your Tramprennen Crew

Beloved participants of the most awesome race in 2016,

with this email we send you the second newsletter of this year’s
Tramprennen, regarding the following topics:

1.Allocation of the routes / starting points
2.Pimp Your Profile
3.Support of our friends from EDDING

Before starting a small note for all starters from Halle: We mixed up
Romans e-mail address in Newsletter #1! The correct one is
gro.nennerpmartnull@namor. Sorry for that!

1. routes / starting points

For the first time we planned a Tramprennen with the maximum of eight
routes to make sure that everyone can join and no one is excluded.
With a view to the current participants and teams in registration
process we can limit it to six different routes. Due to a problem of
finding enough sleeping places for up to 50 people in Innsbruck we
have to modify our plan from the last Newsletter a bit and limit
Innsbruck to one route.

So the actual plan in a nutshell:

Two routes starting from Halle (both already fully occupied), one or
two from the beautiful city of Freising (here are some free places
left!), two routes from no less beautiful Leutkirch (also places
left!) and one from Innsbruck (like Halle fully occupied).
So if you didn’t choose your route yet: You have the choice between
Leutkirch and Freising. Honestly: it would be a choice for one of the
four most beautiful routes of this year! ;-)

We gather next weekend to pack the Hitchpackages, so please be sure to
choose your starting location latest till thursday evening (August

2. Donations

Donations started and the counter rattles like a good old casino slot.
Great! But of course there is room for more! Ask your relatives,
buddies, work colleagues,… and/or start funny actions – it’s up
to you.
By the way: we offer the possibility to update a video to your
teamprofile. How cool is that?! Just upload your video on youtube or
some alternative platform, search and copy the link for sharing/embed
and put the code into your team profile.
Besides that: The famous Online-Liveticker is opened! Means: You can
already test the ticker and share your way till the race with all of
us! Check https://test.tramprennen.org/send-ticker-message/ to get there.


For the eighth time in a row Edding supports us and all teams with the
famous Edding-markers. We are super happy about that!

Especially the people who already joined the race the last years have
a lot of used and almost empty Edding-markers at home. Due to that we
asked the company to send us some refill ink – all for the purpose
of sustainability. So – everyone who wants to refill their
Edding-markers: send an e-mail till thursday noon with the amount and
colors of the markers to gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni. We will pack the refill
bottles in your hitchpackage.
All your thumbs for the nature! :)

4. Media

„Do good and speak about it“ – an old and often annoying phrase.
But nevertheless very important for our project:

First to gather the ultimative maximum of donations. Besides that for
finally positive coverage on the most beautiful way of travelling:

Most of the press right now is negative, hitchhiking is considered
dangerous and you cannot change a driver’s opinion if he is not
stopping to pick you up. Our race is a wonderful possibility to change
that. And the best multipliers are YOU! Get in touch with your local
newspaper or with friends working in media and tell them about your
upcoming adventure! Especially the local newspapers are always looking
for new topics and let’s be honest: did you ever read something about
hitchhiking in there?
If you need support in any way feel free to contact us via
gro.nennerpmartnull@aidem. An overview and infos for journalists can be
found on https://test.tramprennen.org/media-infos/

And that’s it! For now… ;-) The exact locations for the premeetings
are coming next week. They will start on Friday, August 19th around
6pm. Be there! It is definitely cool if at least one of your teammates
can make it – but from the experience of the last years it is
absolutely worth it!

So long, we will start packing your and our Hitchpackages then ;-)

All the best and happy hippiekacke!


Hi everyone,

 not at all three weeks until it finally starts. And here is the first Newsletter for all participating teams, finally.. Whoop, whoop!

Here you find the important points:

  1. Registrations/Teams/ official stuff
  2. Infos about the Start
  3. Infos about the final destination
  4. Collect donations: Now it´s really going on!
  5. Film project


First: Great to have you on this years tramprennen! We cannot say how much we are looking forward to meet all of you. Also this year are much more than 100 people who wants to spend two awesome weeks with us on the roads of South-Western Europe and even to collect casually or especially some donations for the immensely important work of Viva Con Agua and Pro Asyl. It´s time that it finally starts: being on the streets in the morning and have no idea what to expect, before we could sit together with a drink in our hands and tell each other the best stories of the day…

  1. Registrations

The registration period is actually completed. Because we want to meet each other in Kiel next week to tackle the Hitchpackages (Shirts and bags printing, etc.). We have already submitted the orders for it, that´s the reason for registration stop. But there are still some free places on different routes, so on top of that it´s possible to registrate a team for the race.

For those, we cannot guarantee, that they get complete hitchpackages. But we try our best.
Important for you: Please, don´t change your team name! Otherwise we´ll get confuse with the packages.

If anyone wants to help us in Kiel: That would be wonderful! Just let us know by sending a message to gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni.


  1. Starting Points

You can still select or change your starting point. From Sunday it will be no longer possible.

There are four starting places and we will start with nine to ten teams per route. Should the actual number of participating teams not grow we just have one route from Freising and one route from Leutkirch. These two routes would probably meet each other once. It means: we´ll limit these two routes first of all. We can increase the limit if there are more teams at the end. Or if more teams prefer to start from Leutkirch or Freising instead of Innsbruck, we cn change, let us know with a mail. If you haven’t choose your starting point so far, please do it soon.

There is host for you at each starting location. These are:
Halle: Roman and Luki (Contact: gro.nennerpmartnull@namor)

Freising: Gero (gro.nennerpmartnull@oreg)

Leutkirch: Jakob (gro.nennerpmartnull@bokaj)

Innsbruck: Franzi (gro.nennerpmartnull@iznarf)


They organize the Premeetings and will ensure that all of you have a place to sleep in the first night and possibly a bit of drinks and food will be available for a donation or something like that. Big applause for that!

The Premeetings at every start location are at Friday!! night, August 19th!! Hitchhiking itself starts on Saturday morning August 20th with the first stage. During the Premeetings the routes will be drawn. You´ll get informations about your stages and get your Hitchpackages.

Important: Have recourse to the coordinators at the starting points only in emergencies. For general questions please write us a mail at gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni!

Specific informations (meeting point, schedule, etc.) will follow with the next newsletters!


  1. Final Destination in Tsigov Chark


All of you certainly know our goal this year. Anyway, from the name ;)
We´ll drive into the Bulgarian Mountains to the beautiful Lake Batak to the village Tsigov Chark.

For the first time in the long Hitchhiking Race history and after struggling for a while, we booked a campsite for all. Why, if there is actually nothing has to be planned?

Over the last years we became to an increasingly group. Now we have reached a size that for example we need fixed toilets to stay sustainably. That works somehow on routes with 20-25 people, but at the final destination we are more than 100 people and that is a bit more difficult. The last few years we have always found a cool place for all of us spontaneously. But we had more luck than anything else. This year we don’t want to get this risk, mainly because there is only one campsite in Tsigov Chark. So we have registered a large group. The locals are cool and they look forward to us. So a part of the costs we will collect at the final destination (the other part we have already paid out of the hitchpackages.) So please keep just 5 Euros for our payment hat.


  1. Collecting donations – Now it´s really going on!


Two weeks hitchhiking though the world, become acquainted with boundless hospitality and helpfulness, Hippiekacke etc. is one thing, but there is another very important thing: donations! We are collecting them for the projects of Viva con Agua and the work of Pro Asyl. “Water for all” and “No borders” are two goals or even utopias that we share. We want to collect the largest possible sum to support our partner organizations, to not accept, that there are so much people around the world who have no access to clean water and don´t have the free opportunity to travel to almost any country of the world. We don´t accept that they must take superman´s greatest danger to themselves to overcome limits that we don´t have.

It´s not about getting the biggest fishes. Every amount is important and can help. With suppot of our donation-partner Betterplace one can even donate just 1 Euro. For larger amounts there is of course a donation receipt.

Where do we get the sponsors? This is where you come into the game. Everyone can spend donations for your team. Or even became the team owner by sponsor a sum over 100 Euros. Then they can leave a message for you on your team profile. The past has shown, that these are mainly friends or acquaintances and relatives who were willing to support. How you can convince them? There are a lot of variety ways. Go on a bet, offer little “thankyou’s” , make crazy actions, just tell about the project and the partner organizations. To give a few suggestions we interviewed Matze from Team “Solidarische Trampwirtschaft” who already gathered some donations very successful. Check tramprennen.org/blog.

However, we also considered something:
To support every team, there are some postcards in every hitchpackage. You are very welcome to send them as a little thanks for the donations! In addition this year´s race will be “gamificated”. Sounds funny, but we think it can be super cool: Each team will receive a game card for every 50€s of donations they collect. With them you can condemn other teams to wait or do other funny things. Let yourself surprise!

So, enough prated! We keep our thumbs crossed for a successful donation search. Let us bring the donations counter to spin around!

  1. Film project


Roman is planning a small film project for this year´s race. If you want to be a part of it, no matter in which way, get in touch with him: gro.nennerpmartnull@namor


So that´s it for a start, more information are coming soon!

The dearest regards from your Tramprennen-2016-Crew!


Today is the last chance to register if you want to join Tramprennen 2016… off course not :) since we have still free slots on our routes to Bulgaria you can still register to join Tramprennen to have two incredible weeks on the road and to suppot the projects of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. and the work of PRO ASYL! Just one thing: If you want to get a full packed Hitchpackage for your trip with a shirt, stickers, edding markers, a sim card with value from Ortel and some other usefull stuff you have to register your team till tonight! See you guys on the road!!


The Sticker-Contest has shown again that we have some really creative minds among us. Thanks a lot for your great designs! The Sticker you can see above has managed it – it will be this year´s Hitchhiking-Race-Sticker and would like to be distributed as often as possible during the race.


To not plunge you completely into the unknown, but still maintain the voltage, we´ll give you some tiny informations about the routes in the next few days/weeks.

You are already know the different starting places. But here is a short reminder:  There will be 8 different routes. The starting places are Halle, Leutkirch, Freising and Innsbruck. There will be two routes from each starting place. You already know from which place you want to start? Then it´s time for registration!

If you don´t have got a hitchmate yet, you are heartly invited to our first “FIND-A-HITCHMATE-PARTY” in Berlin on June 10th. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1130881703599776/

We are already really excited for the summer and we’re thrilled to experience an incredible Hitchhiking-Race 2016 with all of you!