Hey everybody!

This is the (totally) last newsletter before we meet up tomorrow

First of all: Insane what happened with the donation counter. We
can’t stop wondering and are unbelievably happy about every single
donation. Just amazing!

And: Please don’t forget your ID or passport. A EU ID should work for
all routes, no warranty though!
Important for the route starting from Innsbruck: You do need a “new”
ID (credit card size, issued after November 2010) or a passport.

And: the legendary live ticker is running! The first teams are already
using it! Go to https://test.tramprennen.org/send-ticker-message/ to start
using it and to inform your friends/family/sponsors about the race and
keep them up to date. Oh well, Jonas and Ingo also finished
programming the SMS ticker function. Text +49177 – 9199062 to update
the ticker. Please share the link in all your networks!

That’s it, got to bed a last time before you hit the road!
Your Tramprennen Crew

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