Howdy How!

After some interesting, exhausting, but yet very funny days in Kiel we
present you the (probably, who knows what comes :D) final Newsletter
before the start of TRAMPRENNEN 2016!

Maybe you noticed some problems with our website, the sliders didn’t
work, all your team profile pictures were deleted. Our famous IT-Dude
Jonas worked on it and the good part: Everything is recovered! The
profile pictures are on the stand of the 8th of August, so if you
changed your picture afterwards unfortunately you have to do it again.

A small part of this technological problems also led to the point that
there are 12 teams registered in Innsbruck so far. So with 27 people
this route is pretty full, with the experience from the last years
nearly too full. So here’s the question: Is there maybe a team that
could imagine starting in Leutkirch instead? Just 180 kilometers
northwest ;-)

If yes, we will try everything to deliver your hitchpackage on time
and look for a small surprise! Just write an e-mail to

Besides that the preparations are on a good way! It’s about time to
start! Just the donation ticker could increase a bit – maybe some of
you still want to send an email to all their people? Marco made his
available as an example! – thanks for that!

Pre-meeting and starting places


Meeting point is FRIDAY (August 19th) from 5pm on at „Hasi“.
That’s a squatted house project in the Hafenstraße no. 7. Contact
persons are Luki and Roman (gro.nennerpmartnull@namor, +49 176 804 553
Everyone can sleep there, drinks, music and probably food will be
available for donation.


Here’s what Gero wrote us about Freising:

„For those who are lucky to start from the beautiful city of
Freising: here are the important facts for you. We will meet on Friday
at the Isar (for those who don´t know: the nice river that runs
through Freising) and have a campfire there if the weather is ok –
internet says yes! We are in Bavaria so you will surely not die from
thirst. We provide of course enough beer and also non-alcoholic
drinks. Who wants to bring food to start a nice barbeque is warmly
welcomed! But mind that stores close at 8PM in Bavaria!
There we will do the official stuff and hand the amazing hitchpackets
to you and have a nice time there. Although Freising is not the
biggest place in the world we have enough shared flats for people to
If you come in the evening just go directly to the Corbiniansbrücke
near the train station and find all the other hitchhikers there. If
you come earlier just call me (+4915738925704) and we can bring your
stuff to one of the places to sleep. If the weather will not be so
good we will have to improvise. I will let you know if so but let’s
hope for the best!“


Responsible here is Jakob, who welcomes you together with his family
:-) Everyone is invited to their house, there will be spaces for
sleeping pads or the tent in the garden. And of course some beers or
other cold drinks and some food. Start is at 5pm!
The exact adress: Allmandstraße 47, 88299 Leutkirch, family name
„Rogosch“. If you want to contact Jakob, his phone number is +49
176 625 314 84).


Here the local crew of „Viva con Agua“ gives you a warm welcome
and a good start for an awesome Tramprennen 2016! Meeting point is 6pm
at „Junge Talstation“ in Rennweg 41, 6020 Innsbruck. Contact
person is Franzi (gro.nennerpmartnull@iznarf, +49 152 285 011 37). There
will be food for donations and drinks for solidarity prices at the

So far – thats the news! If you have questions feel free to ask via
gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni or your contact person for questions regarding
the meeting points.

We have ants in the pants and a hard time waiting the last days until
we finally can raise our thumbs to race direction Bulgaria!

Your crew of Tramprennen 2016

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