Routes 3 & 4 – Toad & Peach

Get your engines roaring! Here are the two following routes of Tramprennen 2013: Toad and Peach. Get ready to select driver!

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Route Toad (Mainz)

[singlepic id=754 float=left w=80]Toad kart

Route on Google Maps

Start: Mainz, D
Fact: Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg manufactured the first books with his invention, the moveable type printing press, in the middle of 15th century.

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Photo: Welt-der-Form

1st Stage: Kiel, D
Fact: Student city which is famous for the ferries leaving to Scandinavia and the Baltic region, but nothing else ;)

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Photo: Jess

1 1/2th Stage: Kiel,D to Klaipeda,LT
Fact: The shipping company DFDS Seaways is supporting Tramprennen with a boat trip for Route Toad on ferry Regina. Awesome!

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Photo: DFDS

2nd Stage: Riga, LV
Fact: Tramprennen is setting trends again: In 2014 Riga will be European Capital of Culture. Lucky us, that we’re already going in 2013.

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Photo: Pascal

3rd Stage: Võru, EST
Fact: To be honest, we couldn’t find out much about the city, but that makes it even more interesting. The surrounding nature looks awesome!

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Photo: gemeinfrei

4th Stage: Jēkabpils, LV
Fact: Due to wars, the ancient castle of Jekabpils was often destroyed, but you can now visit the wine cellar again, hooorray!!

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Photo: Lidingo11

5th Stage: Vilnius, LT
Fact: Vilnius was the first in the world to offer language classes while you travelled on public transport. While you whiled away the time getting around the city, the “language buses” played a collection of phrases in Polish, Lithuanian and English.

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Photo: Wojsyl

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Route Peach (Freiburg)

[singlepic id=731 float=left w=80]Peach kart

Route on Google Maps

Start: Freiburg, DE
Fact: 2008 Freiburg was the destination of the first Tramprennen stage. And Prof. Pokelsek is living there.

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Photo: Hofec

1st Stage: Würzburg, D
Fact: In 1952 the first pizzeria ever in Germany was opened in Würzburg called “Sabbie di Capri”

[singlepic id=684]
Photo: Daderot

2nd Stage: Usti nad Labem, CZ
Fact: its a centre for tourism owing to the romantic landscape of the Bohemian Highlands and the České Švýcarsko national park.

[singlepic id=682]
Photo: Ondrej.konicek

3rd Stage: Zbąszyń,PL
Fact: You could also take the train starting in Berlin, stop here and end up in Moscow. This railway line was already established in 1870. But we prefer hitchhiking anyway…

[singlepic id=709]
Photo: Jerzy Strzelecki

4th Stage: Kazimierz Dolny, PL
Fact:The town is part of the so-called tourist triangle Puławy – Kazimierz Dolny – Nałęczów. It does not have a rail connection, the nearest station is located in Puławy, so hitchhiking must work there pretty well!

[singlepic id=677]
Photo: Jacek Karczmarz

5th Stage: Bielsk Podlaski, PL
Fact: Bielsk Podlaski has a rich Jewish history which sadly was wiped out in the Holocaust. Fight Facism!

[singlepic id=676]
Photo: Brosen


Final Stage: Masuria, PL

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