Fire from all holes! BOOUM! Registration started!

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It has been done!

After months of preparations we’ve finally made it and can let the big dog called “Tramprennen” off the chain! Fire from all holes! Registration has started! In good Tramprennen tradition, we’ve pimped the routes last minute. Especially the routes passing through Italy! Check the routes, check the HitchPackage, check the supported projects of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli and Viva con Agua Switzerland – just check the whole thing!
We are simply celebrating ourselves for finally having finished this nutty shit! Now we’re looking forward to every hitchhiker, every registered team, every cent for Viva con Agua, every Tramprennen sticker on every gas station! We are looking forward to everybody, who will hitch with us to Preveza, who will hunt TeamSponsors and who passes on the word: Dude. Hitchhiking. No Shit. BOOOUM!

  • Start: 22nd of August in Hamburg, Basel and Berlin
  • Destination: around 3rd of September in Preveza, Greece
  • 5 Routen
  • for Viva con Agua and clean water!

With all of our hearts, the Tramprennnenenennenen-2011-Crew!
Hauke, Tim, Franzi, Sarah, Ansgar, Marcel, Pille & Malte

At last pump up the volume and enjoy your day!!! =)


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  1. Luke
    Luke says:

    FUCK YEAH! sooooooooo… AWESOME!!! Team T.R.A.M.P. will break the team-sponsors-world record this year! last year 12 in 2 weeks means 84 at least this year!
    To all you guys from the orga: you guys are heros! great job!

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