After teasing you with the first two routes, we’ve decided to let the next three off the hook in one go.

The plan is to send you guys on the road on the 22nd of August from 3 different locations: Hamburg, Berlin and Basel – 5 different routes, all heading to Preveza, Greece. Every route will consist of up to 12 teams of 2 or 3 people! Hence, the plan is to hitchhike with at max 60 teams to Greece for clean drinking water!

You’ll get to know when and how to register here on the website in the upcoming weeks! We’re still working out the details on the project areas of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli and Viva con Agua Switzerland, for whom we’ll travel yet again and in the case of VcA Switzerland for the first time, getting the registration process to work smoothly plus a few more surprises to come! But we promise it won’t be long for the next phase to come: Register, participate, hunt for sponsors, support water projects and hitchhike, of course!!

So here’s an overview of the routes

Route Fugbaum Kneipenterroristen:

Stages: Basel (Switzerland) – Innsbruck (Austria) – Wörthersee (Austria) – Zadar (Croatia) – Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) – Virpazar (Montenegro) – Preveza (Greece)




Route Ederbier Destroyerz:

Stages: Hamburg (Deutschland) – Bayreuth (Deutschland) – Wörthersee (Austria) – Bologna (Italien) – Vieste (Italien) – Ioannina (Greece) – Preveza (Greece)



Route Tigers Gaarden:

Stages: Hamburg (Deutschland) – Berchtesgaden (Deutschland) – Maribor (Slowenien) – Zadar (Croatia) – Herceg Novi (Montenegro) – Vlore (Albanien) – Preveza (Greece)



Route Blues Laboe:

Stages: Berlin (Deutschland) – Berchtesgaden (Deutschland) – Ljubljana (Slowenien) – Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) – Herceg Novi (Montenegro) – Vlore (Albanien) – Preveza (Greece)



Route Hauerei Maddox:

Stages: Basel (Switzerland) – Munich (Deutschland) – Bologna (Italien) – Rome (Italien) – Vieste (Italien) – Monopoli (Italien) – Preveza (Greece)



Weird routenames? Indeed, in good tradition! The routes of Tramprennen 2010 were an hommage to the names Dirk, Sönke und Knut, which enjoy special treatment at the Hamburgian Viva con Agua office. This time the tribute goes to a German TV documentary of the nineties – the unintended satire “Youth Wars”! :)

We working on an updated FAQ for Tramprennen, which should answer most of your questions on participation, registration, Viva con Agua, hitchhiking, the supported water projects, the hitch-package, safety, an so forth! If you’ve already want to inquire about something, shoot! :)

Your TR11-Crew!

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