Tramprennen 2015: Here we go!


No more then 4 weeks until we’re hitting the road again! For 2 weeks we are thumbing, looking where our luck is leading us to, together with more than 100 crazy people in direction to Albania. A time which hopefully shows ,instead of all the bad news in the world, that there are things in this world which are connecting people: generous hospitality, solidarity and helpfulness without minding the nationality.

We are starting at the 21th of August and we hope to see you all at the Premeetings in Cottbus, Immenstaad and Vienna, one day before the race starts with the first stage. There we’ll draw the slots and you are getting assigned to one of the two possible routes and you’ll get to know the Stage-destinations on your way towards Albania. In Addition to that, all teams are getting their Hitchpackages at the Startingpoints, they are including the well-tried Eddings and charged Sim-Cards from our new Supporter Ortel Mobile.

Up to now 60+ Teams are in the registration process and 35 have already completed their registration. 60+ Teams, this means that it’s getting crowded. Because it’s only possible for 60 Teams to register (at most 66 Teams). For every starting point we allowed 20 Teams to start. Especially in Immenstaad it’s almost full. But this shouldn’t be a serious problem because the Cottbus and Vienna route have as much as Immenstaad to offer.

The registration period is going to end soon and almost everybody has sent the 25€ and everyday are arriving more letters at our „Opa Rudi“ in Eisenach, who is collecting them and organizing all the activation. For those who havn’t already finished their homework: You’ve got time until the 9th of August, because we have to print the T-Shirts and prepare the Hitchpackages.

If you want to participate and you haven’t a team yet: Check out our HitchmateXchange Page, there are still people looking for a Hitchbuddy and you can start your search there. If nothing works out: At last years Premeetings a few teams found themselves and 2-person teams converted into 3-person teams and friendships were born which will last for a long time.

Beside this it’s always possible to hitchhike with us to Albania without a score.

For those of you who can’t participate: We present this Year’s new improved Liveticker, which keeps you updated while we are travelling. After the problems of last year our new IT-Crack Jonas is working on the ticker for weeks, successfully delaying his Diplomathesis, to program the thing and incorporate some surprises.

That’s it for the moment from us, the thumbs are itching and before the race starts we’re looking for more sponsors to add some more Euros to the 1000+ Euros, which we have already collected to support the projects of Viva con Agua and the work of PRO ASYL.

Your Tramprennen 2015-Crew

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