55 Teams finished registration process, 80 are registered… what sould we say? wohoooo!!!

Its just fantastic that there are so many people who want to put up their thumbs with us and support our partner organisations!!

One important information: Tomorrow we’ll close the registration process. So from tomorrow on you can’t register a new team. If you re already registered and if you just need to send the waver or transfer the money, please do it soon! But no worries, we won’t exclude anybody!

Its also still possible, to join existing teams!

For the starting points: Fortunatly or unfortunatly the first starting points are full of teams. Please understand, that we can’t allow more teams to the points, because the routes have to be equal.

Just if we have more than 60 registered teams, we will open one or two more slots for the starting points. (in immenstaad we already have a waiting list :()

The most free slots are actually in Cottbus, thats why some advertising for the beautiful city close to Berlin:

Lasse, the guy with the tonsure from the las year, will welcome everybody together with the local crew of Viva con Agua in the Prima Wetter.

There you can all stay for the night and in the evening there will be the drawing, the handover of the hitchpackages and a small party!

Drinks will be cheap, there es a great burger restaurant and there will be live music! As it that weren’t enough, there is also a swimming pool and, for the unlikely cause of bad weather, a cinema.

So everbody, don’t be distressed, its worth to visit Cottbus before we start our trip through Poland and the Czech republik in direction to the Balkans.


No more than two weeks…


Your Tramprennen 2015-Crew








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