Tramprennen 2015 – Our way to Omaraj (Omarë)

Omare in the North of Alabania is the destination for Tramprennen 2015, situated directly at the huge and impressive Lake Shkodër.

In two weeks starting on August 22nd, exclusively our thumbs will take us to our destination in six stages from Cottbus, Immenstaad and Vienna.

Depending on how many participants will start the trip with us in 2015 to reach the destination together and along the way collect as many donations as possible for Viva con Agua and Pro Asyl, there will be up to six different routes which wiggle across Southeast Europe to the destination.

TR_2014_ 122

There will be exciting stages with many country roads, fascinating landscapes, small villages and big cities. It won’t be easy, but all stages should doable!

The two routes starting in Immenstaad will start from Lake Constance towards the Balkan- there they will meet again on the fourth stage in Ostrožac, situated in the middle of Bosnia at the formidable Jablanica barrier lake.

From there both will be heading towards Montenegro, before the last stage will bring them to the destination.

The two routs starting in Cottbus will lead through Poland and/or Czech Republic towards the South where they will meet again in the university town Novi Sad at the Danube. From Serbia the journey will lead through Bosnia and/or Montenegro to Albania.

If you decide to start in Vienna, you will be rewarded with a detour to last year’s destination: The incredibly beautiful Lake Ohrid. In contrast to last year we will not head to the Macedonian but the Albanian side from where we head towards the North again through Albanian mountains to the destination. But both routes will meet again in Golubac after the second stage. Golubac is a small town at the border to Romania which used to be a stronghold and has a port.

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