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2008 in the year of the rat next to the Olympics and the European football championship the world exhibition in Saragossa took place. The theme of the Expo was “Water and sustainable development”. For about 12 hippies this was the perfect reason to raise awareness for clean drinking water and the work of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. And what should be a better way than a hitchhiking race across Europe. And since a hitchhiking race is so incredible amazing, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tramprennen this year. Time for us to ask the experts about their view of this remarkable era. Today the Team KiBeT answers our investigative questions.


Hey KiBeT, tell us something more about your teamname.

Kiel Berlin trampt! Besides that year the situation in Tibet was pretty popular in the media and we thought we should take the chance of some cheap PR.

In how many Tramprennen did you take part?

As a team in 2 races… Marcel started in 5 races and Hauke even in 7

And which one was the best?

As a Team KiBeT definitely the first year. Everything was new and chaotic, nobody had a plan of the rules, because there weren’t any. For the night, we were invited by people who gave us a lift. Routes were adjusted and the race was extended. On top of that we won the first stage of the very first race. The rest is history…

This year we are going to the Baltics. Are you joining us?

Unfortunately, not. Both of us are expecting some offspring and altogether we will have 4 children. But they will start at the race in 18 years.

Are you good hitchhikers?

Experts claim: Yes! And we always believe in experts.

Is there even skill in hitchhiking or is it just luck?

Mh well…, there is definitely nobody with as much misfortune as Ole R. and Pille…

Do you still hitchhike? Why? /Why not?

Marcel: That is quite a while ago. I am working in Cambodia and living here with my family. Traveling looks kind of different around here. But I would definitely do it again!

Hauke: Barely. The last tour was last year to Barcelona. If it works, I try to hitchhike once a year. If not, it’s not a big deal either.

Which is/was your favorite service-station to get stuck? 

Hauke: Service-stations? Are those the buildings on the side of the Autobahn?

Marcel: At most of the service-stations we did not spend a lot of time… Hence, I can’t answer this question.

What was the longest you had to wait for a lift?

Marcel: Without spending the night… about 6 hours I would say.

Hauke: It felt like 100 years with Pille in Greece and again with Pille in Montenegro. The reason should be clear.

Now we need some expert advice. What is the most important when hitchhiking?

I would say preparation! You should know where you want to go and how to get there. And don’t forget food and drinks. When you are in the car it is important to interact with your driver. And: bright clothes.

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