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Tramprennen 2014… it’s hard to put into words!

We were standing in a desert beach at the Albanian Adriatic Coast a few hours ago. Although there were no cars at all, it took less than ten minutes to get a ride and get offered coffee once again. Five minutes after that, the driver interrupted a wedding reception so we could try some of […]

WHERE ARE WE GOING 2014? #5 – Transsilvania

Once upon a time… Tramprennen 2012. After an interesting and partly rough journey through the western Ukraine five hitchhikers ended up in the small village of Seini, Romania. Tired, dirty and not feeling like sleeping in the corn fields they searched for a small hostel, guest house, roof. Only possibility: a fancy four star hotel. […]

WHERE ARE WE GOING 2014? #4 – Franconia

by Marleen Already in 2011 the most beer-containing region of Germany – Oberfrangen! (Upper Franconia, pronounced in franconian dialect) – was one of the first stage destinations. In 2014 the starting point of the hitchhiking race will be Underfrangen (Under Franconia, p.i.f.d.). This part of Franconia already belongs to Wine-Franconia (also: Main-Franconia), because of its […]

WHERE ARE WE GOING? #3 – Mount Korab

2764 meter. This is the highest point in the Korab mountain range which is just 40km long but has a very long and very difficult history. A few years ago there were battles between the army and separatists and a lot of destruction. Today there are hiking routes and ski slopes. The „Golem Korab“ or […]