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Tramprennen 2017 goes to Baltic region

2017 brought up something new! After years of the same discussions about: “Where to go this time?” this year we made a voting with all the people who joined Tramprennen during the last 9 years. According to the comments you entered in the poll, we chose six regions, that could be the destination we are […]

TR-Advent calendar #22

#22: Hauke The translator would like to express his consternation that the author didn’t manage to learn English during the innumerable hours, nay days that people left him standing next to the road due to his lack of hitchhiking talent and skanky appearance. English may have helped this lost cause of a ride bummer to […]

TR-advent calendar #21

#21: Johannes You can barely call it „hitchhiking“ when I first decided to stand by the road and hold my thumb out, hoping for somebody to pick me up. It was in August 2011, after I just quit my physics studies, so I had a lot of free time and not much on my mind […]

TR- Advent calendar # 20

#20: Audrey The first time I hitchhiked it was in summer 2011. I was a French exchange Student in Kiel at that time. Through couchsurfing I had met some nice german hippies who were involved in the NGO Viva con Agua. They were talking all the time about Tramprennen. I had no idea what it […]