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TR-Advent Calendar #26

Today we present the last text of our advent calendar 2016. Big thanks to everybody who contributed with their own story to this project and special thanks to Hannes, Simona, Franzi and Felix for the translations and to Gero for the pictures! As usual the best part comes last: #26: Tim Route: West Berlin – Münster (Westfalen) Date: […]

TR-Advent calendar#25

#25: Elisa When I was thinking of my first time, I realised, that back then I had no idea how important – or at the same time better normal- hitchhiking would be for me one day, 9 years later.   So, I was travelling in central america, and after a while I was really „on […]

TR-Advent calendar # 24

#24: Robert Today is Christmas Eve. And what do you do on this day when you are home alone? Right, you go to a bar. Exactly what happened to me some time in the mid-2000s, so around 4 p.m. I started my way to the city center of Dresden to find a nice bar to […]

TR-advent calendar #23

#23: Stefan Shit. The sun is already setting. And nobody is stopping. Really nobody stops at this damn spot. Motorway-ramp Leipzig Nord-Ost towards Dresden. I am standing here for several hours. It is cold. Smelly fumes fill the air. Loud and annoying cars drive past me. I am frustrated. No love for me. What is […]

tr – advent calendar #14

Ho,ho,ho- here we go! Christmas time is coming and before we hitchhike home for Christmas (haha…) we want to present you the first Advent calendar on tramprennen.org! Every day until Christmas (or even longer) we want to present one story about the first time we used the best way to travel: hitchhiking! Have fun with the […]