TR-Advent calendar # 24


#24: Robert

Today is Christmas Eve.

And what do you do on this day when you are home alone? Right, you go to a bar. Exactly what happened to me some time in the mid-2000s, so around 4 p.m.

I started my way to the city center of Dresden to find a nice bar to find salvation on this holy day. On the way to the Neustadt I thought to myself to find a special bar and I was looking for some people who wanted to honor Christ’s birth the same way I was trying to do.

Still thinking about who to ask, I barely recognized that my tipsy mind moved my body automatically to the Hansa street and I raised my thumb towards the empty road. After 10 minutes two lights indicated the first car that left the city. Euphoric and secure I presented my hitch-willing thumb into the night and indeed my appearance seemed to convince the driver to stop.

Somehow, I did not really know, how to tell the driver that I just wanted to visit a nice local pub. So I started to create an impenetrable network of lies, I wanted to visit my grandma near Görlitz. Since his license plate indicated that he came from there, it turned out to be my destination for this evening.

Luckily, after a bit of Smalltalk, it turned out the driver just wanted to go back home to support the local barkeepers by consuming one or the other alcoholic beverages. Relieved I untangled my sinful lie and pointed out that we had the same goal for this night.

This was the beginning of an excessive night in the bars and pubs of Görlitz, concluding in an unfamiliar bed in an empty apartment.

So after all I hope the fortunate and blessing spirit of Christmas may be with you as well. Cheerio!

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