TR-Advent Calendar #3


Ho,ho,ho- here we go! Christmas time is coming and before we hitchhike home for Christmas (haha…) we want to present you the first Advent calendar on! Every day until Christmas (or even longer) we want to present one story about the first time we used the best way to travel: hitchhiking! Have fun with the stories! And you are more than welcome to add your own experience! Just send it to gro.nennerpmart@ofni! Whoop,Whoop!


#3 – Alexandra

When I was 17, two other girls and I had a sleepover at a friend’s house, which was quite far out. In the morning his mother prepared some delicious breakfast for us and afterwards we went to the bus station. As we arrived we noticed the bus was going very unregularly and I remember us not even having enough money for the ride. We didn’t feel like hanging out there too long so we went back to our friends’. His mother though was really angry at us and wanted to rest. A little shocked we then went back to the station and decided to try hitchhiking. None of us ever hitchhiked before and we didn’t believe to get away quickly being in the country side and also being three people, looking like a bunch of tatty hippies. Astonishing quickly a friendly driver stopped for us and brought us to the city centre. There we got out being happy about our first successfull hitchhike ever!

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