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Two years ago, we we’re sitting at a gasstation on the way to Krakow waiting for a lift, when a guy passing us stopped and said: “Ha! Twenty years ago i did the same thing you guys are doing now. Hitchhiking! Great! Once in a while, on weekends, we had ourselves a little competition: Hitch as far as you can, steal the menu card from a local restaurant, be back within a predefined timeframe at a predefined location. The group that hitchhiked the longest distance won the competition. Simple and stupid. But most importantly: fun!

So, here it is: our very own 60-hour-race!

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  • Start: Hamburg, April 21st, 8am!
  • you will be given a starting pass at the meeting point, which you need to bring back
  • timeframe: 60 hours, hitch as far as you can!
  • but be back in Hamburg the 23rd, 8pm – one minute too late and you’re out!
  • make sure you can prove how far you went: buy something and keep the bill, kidnap a menu card or the place-name sign
  • the largest radius (bird’s flight) wins!
  • As usual, you’ll have to sign an agreement that you’ll be participating at your own risk at the start
  • price: glory and fame, as usual!

Ready to Kick Ass?!

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