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Announcements for Tramprennen2014 #1

We will start Tramprennen this year all together at one place: the city of Würzburg. We thought Würzburg would be a suitable place to start, since it is located in the middle of Germany and it would allow for four to six routes to start on the same day in different directions towards the Balkans. […]

Tramprennen 2013 – final words

“There’s a load of craziness out there, but this is definitely the center.” – the owner of the campground in Zgon, the small Masurian village, is still standing on the edge of his parking lot in disbelief, scratching his head with a smile across his face. He did not count on 130 hitchhikers today. And […]

Release of the month: Tramprennen Kart

This year Tramprennen graduated Kindergarten and is now going to elementary school. Whoop Whoop! Tramprennen 2013 starts August 16th and (officially) ends August 30th. Destination: Masuria, North East Poland Registrations have begun! Ever since its first birthday, two loyal supporters have accompanied the Tramprennen: The mobile phone provider “blau.de” and the marker manufacturer “Edding“. We’d […]

60-hour-race! Last infos about everything!!

After months and months of waiting, it’s finally time to KICK ASS!! We expect to be more than 25 teams competing for awesomness!! Here are the facts you need to know: [singlepic id=1593 w=320 h=240 float=right] Wednesday, 20th April PreMeeting with good beer, good people and good stories from all around the world where: Haus […]