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Oldschool: Hitchhiking.

A couple of days ago we received a letter from a 96 year old german pensioner. He read in a Mainzer newspaper about the Tramprennen, which inspired him to write us something about the trips he has done back in the days. Back in the days means: in the twenties and thirties of the last […]

Route Toad is looking for Team #12, DonationCounter fills up!

Good Morning, Sunshine! 5 weeks until the 6th Edition of Tramprennen starts! This is what happened and happens in the previous and next days and weeks. I. DFDS Team on route Toad: Get the last remaining slot You’ve probably been a bit confused why there are only 11 of 12 possible teams on our ferry […]

Routes 1 & 2 – Mario & Luigi

Get your engines roaring! Here are the two first routes of Tramprennen 2013: Mario and Luigi. Get ready to select driver! [split class=”island”] Route Mario (Hamburg) [singlepic id=727 float=left] Route on Google Maps Start: Hamburg, D Fact: Hamburg is the homebase of Viva con Agua and part of the race since 2008 [singlepic id=653] Photo: […]

That’s it! Tramprennen 2012 – a summary

With only a few meters of difference in altitude, a gravel road leads from Lake Surduc to the main road connecting Lugoj and Deva. A few days ago Hitchhikers from around the globe had found the small village of Fârdea via that very gravel road. Just as they had done 3 days before, an elderly […]