Startingpoints for 2019 are chosen.

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Hey dear hitchhiking folks!

As you already know, this year’s Tramprennen will go to beautiful Romania, more specifically to Transylvania, so be prepared for friendly people, high-quality roads, probably new cars, diverse landscapes and of course Dracula (he’s mostly harmless, but bring garlic anyway).

Both starting points will be close to borders in eastern and southern Germany, so we can enjoy the maximum amount of time in rather eastern parts of Europe.

The starting points will be in:

→ Bad Grönenbach (Allgäu, Bavaria) &

→ Görlitz (Lausitz, Saxony).

There will be fireplaces, a campground and lots of Hippiekacke at both places, so brace yourselves!

The Race will take place between 16th and – 31st of August. So get your vacation request ready, take out your calendars, find your favorite hitchhiking friends to be ready when the official registration on our website starts on the 1st of June!

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