Rumeiern um Minden – The 2015 Easter Hitch Competition





Can you find Minden?

We hope so, because the traditional Easter Competition is again just around the corner.

What comes this time after the 60 hour Race, the Costume Competition, the for-an-Apple &’n Egg-swop Race and the Hitch-bingo?

K-Ei Lipkowski invites us to “Rumeiern in Minden”.

All around the town of Minden, Easter eggs are hidden and have to be found. Who brings the most eggs to the pub will be added to the glorious list of the leading teams of the Easter Competition, win the golden Hitch-egg. On the top of that, he/she could get at the pub the Sugar-Egg!


Here is the way the game goes, you all potential egg-addicts.


1) As always the competition is based of trust and good will. We cannot and don’t want to control you. Whoever is cheating is just a bloody idiot.

2) We won’t accept any discriminatory behavior. Respect and Tolerance!

3) Hitchhiking is the only way to go, using public transport is not allowed this year. Well, it is actually not sure that Minden’s got any type of public transport service anyway or that the town is even connected to any other towns (see 5.)

4) You are completely free to choose the type of transport you hitch with (car, bike, boat, train, plane…) as long as you don’t pay for it. Minden stagecoaches are also allowed…

5) You can participate as alone or in a team (recommended). But if you decide to do it as a team, you can’t split on the way.


1) Each hitchhiker and each team wake up in the early morning, treat himself to an heavy breakfast, brush his teeth and can start off.

2)  Starting point: up to you.

3)  Starting time: from 10 in the morning on Easter Saturday (April the 4th) and as late as you want.


The aim is to find as many eggs as possible. They will be hidden in and all around the town of Minden. They could be anywhere: buried in the backyard of Granny Schröder, at the petrol station with the counter assistant, in the hen house by the local farmers, or in an eagle nest… Anywhere! J

Find the eggs, keep them and bring them to the final meeting point to have a chance to win the Sugar Egg and take the golden Hitch Egg home!


1) The hide-out of the Eggs can only be reached by hitchhiking

2) At each hide-out there are a certain number of eggs that are consecutively numbered. So no egg thievery or cheating by adding some eggs during the race. The eggs that are in small number in some spots are worth more than others. For example, 6 eggs are hidden in the backyard of Granny Schröder, each is worth one point. At the counter of the petrol station they are 3 eggs that are worth 2 points each.

3) When you find a spot, you can only take one egg at the time. Please don’t remove, eat, destroy or hide better the other eggs, so the other teams can have their take as well! See Fundamental 1)

4) We will let you know the exact locations of the eggs on Friday evening (April 3rd) on our website and on the Facebook page of Tramprennen. A PDF file with all the detailed infos will be available for download.

5) Our Hitch radius will be +/- 25kms around Minden, but remember that compared to previous years, this time you can’t use public transport. If you or your team want, it is allowed to walk an extra 2 or 3 km.

6) Each egg collected and brought back in one piece is worth one or more point. Our (obviously) independent panel will be in charge of the counting and should start before 6.30pm on Sunday.


Our final destination and meeting point is at a pub called the Backstage in Minden. You have to be there on Sunday April 5th at the latest at 6pm, otherwise you or your team won’t be in the score ranking!

The icing on the cake..
Klingelingeling, klingelingeling – the milkman’s coming selling eggs:Of course there’ll be some extra stuff to do in this year:
-on the one hand: we have the approved method of the so called Applaus-O-Meter. Have an raw hen’s egg with you and let one of your drivers beautify it artfully. The most beautiful (hen’s!!!)-egg will bring you 4 extra-points on your scoreboard!
-on the other hand: surprise :)

Hiding places: Rumeiern_in_Minden


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