Only 8 days to go…

Whoop whoop, friends of thumbing!

Crazy: never before have we been “fully booked” so early… the anticipation for the event is rising every day, activities are running full steam ahead and, what can we say, we’re hotter than cooking oil and more than ready! Therefore all that remains to be said is (warning, forced puns up ahead): Thumbs up… ha. Ha. Ha.

Heads up, cool cats!

It’s important to keep one thing in mind through all of the good vibes/hitching fun/anticipation! Like in other years teams will be fundraising and gathering donations before the race. This year half of the money raised will go to Viva Con Agua’s WASH-Projects, and half to the PRO ASYL association!

Why we collection donations and what the respective organisations do with that money can be found on our homepage, as well as on the homepages of each organisation. Exactly why we are raising money for these causes is a topic that needs no further explanation…

Every year teams have raised money in ever more imaginative ways, and each year we have managed to gather together incredible sums of money, and every little helps on the way! Of course we want to hitch hike, have fun, meet people, visit new countries, etc… but we also want to make the donation tracker go off the chart once more!

Kick that shit!

Ask your aunt/uncle/friends/acquiantances/lovers/grandmother/barman/hairdresser/check out girl/favourite band if they feel like sponsoring you! Hold a foosball tournament/make bets/sell cakes from your garage/host a party and collect money for your team: there are countless ways your team can raise money to help support our project! It would make us very happy if we could all go wild with fundraising in the next few weeks – the more cool ideas and the more people we get involved the better!

Donating money is easy as pie, your sponsors just need to go to, and go to ‘Support your team’ under the Donations bar, where they will need to choose your and follow the instructions, et voila! Please note: Transactions are done through Betterplace, but that does not mean that people will need to donate to Betterplace as well, unless they want to. You can just choose when donating only to give money to PRO ASYL and Viva con Agua.

If you have any questions regarding the donation process/transactions/the projects we are supporting/whatever… just send us an email any time at gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni. We are excited for your involvement in the fundraising process, and even more excited for the race itself!

Love, kisses and a big whoop-whoop in advance,
Your Tramprennen-Crew


Ps.: Information for the Premeetings (next Friday, from 6p.m.on) will follow on Monday. Just keep in mind that our hosts will organise a place to stay for all of us!

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