Whoop,whoop! That`s the final newsletter before the race starts on
Saturday. We can’t waiiiit!!!!!

While we are writing this newsletter to you, we are also washing
shirts and bags in the bathtub, drying them, doing silkscreen
printing, programming the website, distributing eddings, sim cards,
stickers, flyers and prepare a few other suprises. Long story short:
shitloads of work, but even more fun! Anticipation is huuuuuuuuuge. So
let`s get ready, here we go

Final topics

1. Passport
2. Start in Würzburg
3. Sim-Vards
5. Schengen-Routes

1. Do not forget your passport!!!

Most routes will go through countries where an international passport
is probably required! So PLEASE BRING YOUR PASSPORT (ID card might
also work, but we can not make any promises).

2. Start in Würzburg

The meeting point on Friday is at the campsite “Kalte Quelle” in

Here is a description on how to get there:

We will be there on Thursday already und will try to get some snacks
for friday! Please remember that is a bank holiday in Bavaria on
Friday, so no shops will be open in the area!

We will send you the latest updates about how to get there and where
you will find us on Thursday.

The drawing of the routes will start on Friday at 8 p.m. (sharp!!) So
please be there in time, because time is limited on Friday.

You will all get your hitchpackages on Friday, at least the ones who
paid in time. But we are very keen and eager to find a solution for
everyone, do not worry! Futhermore you still need to sign the waivers,
so the earlier you get to Wuerzbug on Friday, the better!

3. Sim Cards

Of course the legendary LIVETICKER will also be part of this years
race!!! And to make things easy and cheap for you, we (well actually
blau Mobilfunk) will provide with you with sim-cards, including credit! So
please feed the ticker!!
This year, we will even get some surfsticks, so you could even bring
your netbooks.
ATTENTION: Most of the Sim cards are normal (classic)SIM cards. Some
of same might not fit into your smartphone. So maybe you could bring a
phone that suits the classic sim card, or maybe you can even punch or
cut them in the size you need. We will find out….


Believe it or not: Pille is sitting right next to us, trying to fix
the donation tool and we all hope that it will be ready before the
race actually starts.

Nevermind: We are about the raise the first 2000€, whooooop whoooop!
Well done guys, concidering all the trouble we have and had with the
donation tool.

But that was just the beginning, let us all go crazy, one week of
madness for Viva con Agua and clean drinking water and sanitation
projects in North India!!

You can even raise donations during and after the race!!! DON`T STOP
US NOW!!!!
Sky is the limit…

5. Schengen

To those of you who are not residents of an European Union country
(e.g. USA, Brasil…): If you are only allowed to travel through
Schengen countries because of your Visa status, please get in touch
with us. We will sort out a solution.

Just 3 days until Würzburg, good luck for all your preperations!

The Tramprennen 2014-Crew!

Ps: This year`s LIVETICKER NUMBER is:  +49- (0)157 795 991 98
If you registered with your mobile number on our website, you can even
feed the newsticker from FRIDAY on with your own number, just send a
text message. The number is already attached to your team and
will appear automatically on the ticker.

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