For an apple and an egg to Marburg (Ger)

The rules

Ok Folks, to keep the whole thing simple, here you have a short list of the most important information.

Basic rules

– As always, we call for fairness. We won´t controle anyone. Who cheats is an idiot.

– We do not tolerate any disrimination. Respect and tolerance!

-You always have to hitchhike. Only cities with public transport are an exception.

– You are free to choose the means of transport you use while hitchhiking (car, bike, train, airplane…)

– You decide, if you want to travel alone or in a team (recommended). If you start as a team, you have to stay as a team. Do not seperate!

Initial situation

-Each participant or team starts with an appel and an egg (payed by yourself and hard boiled).

-Point of departure: Totally up to you

-Time of departure: Easter Friday from 8 am (starting later is possible)

Aim of the Game

-The aim is to get the best (most extraordinary, unbelievable craziest) SOMETHING in exchange for your apples and eggs, while hitchhiking. In the end all SOMETHINGS are valued by the applaus of the audience in Marburg.


-You start exchanging your apple and egg with the first SOMETHING, which you can exchange with the next SOMETHING, and so on….

-You must exchange your SOMETHINGS with the driver or the people sitting in your lift. But it doesn´t have to be something placed in the car or lift.


-You have to reach an unknown pub in Marburg (to be announced). You have to be there on saturday 9pm at latest, otherwise you´re out of the game.

What is a „SOMETHING“?

-It can be anything, without any description, rules or borders.


The bazaar

-The Bazar is a set-up place for you. We organized a lot of cool stuff that give you a boost right at the beginning or during the race. Just go there, exchange your sth and get back on track!

Big question: Where is the Bazar? Check the link and ring at”Meißner”s door!
Please note: The Bazar is OPEN FRIDAY FROM 11 am to 6 pm and on SATURDAY FROM 11 am to 3 pm. The Bazar is organized by a volunteer. So please respect the opening hours. Further questions?! Just tell us…

Exchange Market (Party)

-The exchange markets are meeting points for all hitchhikers planed on friday night. Here you can pre-exchange your SOMETHINGS and storries one day before the final meeting.

→ You tell us! Each one who´s up for some hitchhikers and their storries in the evening, can organize one of these E.M.. Just write us on Facebook or tramprennen.org.

The Joker

-Something special! It´s a…forget it! The jokers identity will be published on friday morning 8 am.

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