Easter Competition 2016 Last Infos


Eastern is knocking on door. Perfect time for Eastern-hitchhiking, don´t you think? In 2016 there is a cozy Petrol-Station-Bingo-Game. Means: On Thursday you’ll simply download a Bingo-Sheet from our website. This sheet is extra generated for you (if anyone wants to generate a new sheet which fits better, can order a new one). Starting on Friday at 8am. Pass as many Petrol Stations as possible and mark it on your Bingo-Sheet – of course only by hitchhiking.

On Saturday we will meet and evaluate together who has the most “BINGO!”s. Totally chilled by a peaceful cone ball on the bowling alley! Allowed are: horizontal as well as vertical and although diagonal Bingos. It’s not allowed to cross the different Bingos.

In addition this time it is also possible to build Bingos with two, three and four fields. Every Bingo brings different POINTS: two = 1 Point, three = 2 Points and four =3 Points.

Infos about the meeting on Saturday:

8pm on “Grünen Deich 2, 21354 Bleckede-Wendewisch” (Bleckede is really big, you want to go to WENDEWISCH!!!).  We’ll sleep in heated rooms, there are showers, a bowling alley etc..

About eating:  it’s firstly self-catering! (Please, take plates and cutlery with you. Pots and jars are there.) That’s why we recommend: come on at 5pm (meeting-time) to the EDEKA-Shop in Hohnstorf/Elbe (on map).

We’ll go shopping together and then we’ll have another short hitchhiking-race to the final destination.

About Drinks: We are looking to get them centrally concerned. For a better planning, please write a short message to Ole , that you want to come! E-Mail: gro.nennerpmartnull@elo

If you have any questions or be stuck, you can also call Ole on Phone:  +49 178 6028609.

Generate Sheet

→ Dowload playing field!



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