Go for the trophy!

Friday evening, south-east Bavaria. In the scenic village of Berchtesgaden the day is coming to an end. People are cheerful, for it’s the start of the weekend. After a moody early April, the weather is finally more stable and it appears as if Spring has now come. All over the village work is being finished and the first beers are drafted.

In a small shop in the heart of the village however the lights are still on and a young and talented sculptor’s apprentice is chiseling, hammering, sawing, drilling and polishing. He’s working hard on a piece that needs to be finished this very night. The holidays are nearing and the shop will be closed then. Again and again he’s got to wipe the sweat off his face and rub his burning eyes. Finger’s bleeding and the nerve’s at an end. Had he just not procrastinated so much – the trophy for the 60-hour-race would have been done a long time back! Now he’s got to go full power. A last cut, a screw here and there, some glue and finally the paint-job… It is late, very late… the young artist is fighting sleep… but then, with his last bit of energy the work is done and he peacefully falls asleep right there on the workbench.

The final product is amazing – let’s see who can take it home…

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