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16. – 30. August 2013: Tramprennen, a hitchhiking race for Viva con Agua, goes to Masuria in Poland. For the sixth time, young people are hitchhiking across Europe to raise money for the drinking water projects supported by Viva con Agua.

There are two important goals: With Tramprennen, the hitchhiking race, we want to raise awareness about the worldwide problematic around sanitation and drinking water also as simultaneously promote and spread the culture of hitchhiking.

Essential to help us reach those goals: articles, interviews and reports in the media!

If you’d like to learn more about the [internal-link id=1169 title=”WASH-project in India and Nepal”], for which the funds are raised for, and [internal-link id=3638 title=”Viva con Agua”], our partner organization supporting this project, please check our website by following the links

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Contact for media representatives:

Marco Weber
mail: gro.nennerpmartnull@ocram
mobile phone: +49 (0) 163-1745489


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Some videos

Our vimeo portal
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They talked about us


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Before the race
Daumen raus nicht nur zum Spaß (Badische Zeitung, summer 2011, in German)
Eisenacher Teams auf dem Tramprennen (TLZ.de, summer 2011, in German)


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During the race
Tramprennen für eine gute Tat führt nach Rumänien (Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung für Rumänien, 22.08.2012, in German)
Daumen raus für sauberes Trinkwasser (Einbecker Morgenpost, summer 2011, in German)


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After the race
Diana Biermann nahm am 4. Tramprennen bis Griechenland teil (TLZ.de, summer 2011, in German)


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