Tramprennen 2014: Registration Start

Tramprennen 2014 goes to Lake Ohrid/Macedonia

Tramprennen will take place this summer for the seventh consecutive time: more than a hundred young people will compete in a hitchhiking race across Europe. The destination of this year’s Tramprennen is Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. Before the race starts, participants will try to find sponsors to support their teams and collect donations that will be invested in different projects for drinking water and sanitation through the NGO Viva con Agua.


Contrary to the previous year, there will be a joint starting place for all teams this year: the city of Würzburg. All participants will gather there on Friday the 15th of August in the evening, before the race starts the following day, August the 16th. Teams will hitchhike in four to six different routes (six stages per route) with one common destination: Lake Ohrid at the border between Albania and Macedonia.

There will be another big innovation this year: routes will not be revealed until the starting day in Würzburg. On top of that, routes will be randomly assigned to the different teams one day before the race starts. Some things can be assured though: all routes will meet another route at some point during the race, all routes go through both little villages and big cities; and they will all end at the Lake Ohrid in Macedonia!

“We thought we wanted to let chance play a bigger role this year, since we have realized in the past years, that routes and cities are irrelevant when it comes to experience new things while hitchhiking. We can (and will) have a great time irrespective of the details, especially during Tramprennen“, said Gero Engeser, a member of the organizing team.

Moreover, only mixed teams (at least one girl/guy) will be allowed to compete this year. The idea behind this was to consider security aspects, but also to create more homogenous teams and therefore, to provide with fairer conditions for all teams during the race. By the way, registration for this year’s Tramprennen has already started!

Like every year, donations collected in the context of Tramprennen will be donated to the NGO Viva con Agua. Before the race starts, all teams will ask friends, relatives and acquaintances to support their teams with a little donation. The collected sum will go to the NGO Viva con Agua, which will use the money to finance a WASH-Project (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) together with the NGO Welthungerhilfe in India.

Tramprennen will be supported this year for the sixth time by blau Mobilfunk, who will sponsor SIM-cards and credit for all participants. The company Edding will also provide their popular markers for all teams.


Contact: Marco Weber I E-Mail: gro.nennerpmartnull@ocram I Mobile: +49-(0)163-1745489


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