Founded 1985 in response to the growing racist sentiment the non-governmental organisation PRO ASYL gives a voice to the disempowered, working for refugee’s rights in Germany and Europe.

The „Fortress Europe“ continues to shield itself off, closing the borders for the people in need.
On the opposite our (european) passports allow us to travel the world, passing borders without even noticing them.

PRO ASYL informs and rises awareness for refugees rights and show how to help them at eye level.
Their work includes help in lawsuits, public campaigns, petitions as well as investigation and documentation of the massive deficiencies in asylum policy.

Until now in 2015 around thirty times more refugees died at Europe’s external borders than last year. New racist movements rise all around Europe. The civil racism is still deeply rooted in society.
With the cooperation with PRO ASYL Tramprennen tries to contribute its part to a border-free, human world.

If you want to find out more about PRO ASYL, check the link.