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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?

When you travel by thumb, you never know what to expect, and you get so many nice surprises and meet so wonderful people. Wherever you go, the way to go there would already be enough to make the travel awesome. Half the fun is in the journey! Cheers to off the beaten path!

Why should a lift take us along?

Coming from two different cultures we have a lot to share !! We would like to get to know locals and discover their way of living. Both easygoing and we get along well with people from all walks of life, no doubt the person taking us will have a good time with us ;)

Our best Autostop-experience so far

None so far!

Our goal for the race

Fun, Fun, Fun!

For a Donation we would...

Still need to think about it

Mathilde (32)
Jerry (33)

Current Race Rank: 36
Current Route Rank: 8

My name is Mathilde, I come from France and I looking for some fun and unexpected adventures with nice people.

Jerry comes from the US and is travelling abroad for one year, and decided to participe in the race along the way.

Funny thing, we've never met and do not know each other except for some messages, so even being together in a team will be an adventure! We are Team Stranger!

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