International Hitchhiking Week 7890: let’s hitchhike to Odessa!

Wie im vergangenen Jahr findet auch dieses Jahr die International Hitchhiking Week statt. Tramper aus allen Ländern der Welt machen sich bis zum 7.August 2009 auf den Weg nach Odessa in der Ukraine!

weitere Infos finden sich auf der Project 789 Website

On the occasion of the International Hitchhiking Week (first week of August), the European hitchhiker community has decided to organize a big festival in Odessa, Ukraine : The “project 789”.

On August 7th, 2009, hitchhikers from all over Europe (and the world) will meet up in Odessa, Ukraine after many days on the road for most.

All of them are hitchhiking. In facts, every year, thousands of people hitchhike all over the world. People from all backgrounds, a very diverse society indeed. In many countries, hitchhiking is still an „official“ way of transportation. The hitchhiker community wants to show that sharing your car and exchanging stories with a hitchhiker can turn out to be a fantastic human experience in an increasingly individualistic world.

The aim of the festival is to spread awareness about hitchhiking. To give it a better image, to promote it as a way of transportation. To show that it is social and fun; and that it does indeed work. Even in an age of motorways and low-cost airlines. Moreover, in a background of global warming and economical crisis, hitchhiking is a sustainable solution. So, in order to reach a wide audience, the festival will be an official event, organized hand in hand with the local community and authority.

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