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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?

For fun. For the European idea (Greece, stay with us !). For the experience. For cultural exchanges. For Romanian music. For Peace and Tolerance.

Why should a lift take us along?

Because we have cookies and can draw sheeps.

Our best Autostop-experience so far

Adélie : discovery of HK & les Saltimbanks. Cédric : talking to a guy who crossed the Canada hitchhiking and then offered us jam. Pauline : asking an old lady in England to take us and who agreed even though she was going to miss Tea-time.

Our goal for the race

Fun, Fun, Fun!

For a Donation we would...

Sing ! Run ! Scream ! Adopt a mosquito !

Pauline (29)
Adélie (29)
cedric (29)

Current Race Rank: 70
Current Route Rank: 12

Three mates that went to school together and meet again on the roads. Love to travel together or apart. We are young and wild and crave for adventure.

Only Frogs on the plate, hoping to reach Albania.

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