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Tramprennen 2016 starts to become reality. Last weekend a bunch of impatient hitchhiking-addicts gathered in Leipzig to launch a new episode of Hippiekacke for this summer. Of course there is still a long way to go but at the same time we can already present some first news!

Final Destination

This is probably the information everybody was waiting for: Tramprennen 2016 will go to the beautiful country of BULGARIA! The exact location will be announced soon, when the routes will be planned – first glimpses show numbers of different and beautiful opportunities to go and look forward to! We know that traveling southeast is something that can cause discussions due to the current political situations in this part of Europe. But at the same time we belief that another Tramprennen to these regions can also be a sign for free movement and against borders!


Routes and starting Points

As you know from the previous years there will be different routes leading to our final destination somewhere in Bulgaria. After the good experiences with last year´s mode we decided not to change this again. Again there will be several small starting points with two routes each. The routes will be announced at the starting spot the evening before the race starts and the teams will be drawn to one of them by coincidence. The different starting locations are not sure yet and will be planned and published soon.


Last year we collected a lot of donations for the important work of Viva con Agua and PRO ASYL. We still think both of them are organizations which are worth to support. Again we will split the money we raise between those two!

As a reminder for everybody: Tramprennen will be from August 19th to September 3rd this year. We can´t wait make it happen!

Howdyho Hitchhikers!
Winter is slowly losing power and we are about to gain it: Tramprennen arrived in 2016, still in the wonderful memories of the weeks of last year’s race that we want to adopt to a new Tramprennen 2016.

Really important in this process are your experiences of the last years, so a big THANKS for the large participation in our survey! We were overjoyed of all the positive feedback but we are also aware of your critical points and tips for improvement and will try to incorporate them in the plans of 2016.

Speaking of planning and this year’s race: the period of time is for sure (19. August – 3. September, WHOOP WHOOP), but besides this there is plenty of space for creativity, development, crazy ideas and whatever comes in your mind. We are really happy about every person who wants to join the organization-team and become an active part of our baby Tramprennen!

To get together with each other and start the designing of 2016 we meet from 11th to 13th of March in the wonderful town Leipzig. Dominik invites in his house project, were we can sleep upstairs and downstairs work and be creative in the rooms of one of the local initiatives. If you want to join us with this and be part of the crew just send a mail with “TR2016-I am in” to gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni. After that we will send you more information about the weekend. If you cannot join but still want to be part of it just write also a mail and we will try to involve you via skype or whatever works. There will be a possibility!

P.S. To all the people that are waiting for the 2015-shirts: We finally managed to get an appointment in the screen printing studio! On Monday the shirts will be printed and directly posted afterwards. To compensate the long waiting period there will be also a small present in your package. :-)


So long – enjoy the last days of winter and let’s rumble 2016!


Tramprennen 2015 that it´s again: After two indescribable weeks and a terrific time in Omarë we started off again. Many have returned home, some are still on the road in all directions.


There were several things to celebrate in Omarë: Firstly the arrival of 68 teams and over 160 participants on / in / with / in a wide variety of vehicles. Secondly, the great donation that we already have achieved together this year: More than 13,000 € for the important work of Viva con Agua and PRO ASYL. How important this is we need to experience again and again, even in the last weeks.

For this, a huge THANK YOU to all who have donated and collected donations! It will be possible to support the teams until the end of September.

2015-09-03 19.07.24 (Medium)

The final words are very difficult for us, so this year we just want the Route HerrFuchs to let them have their say. They have kindly made their closing speech available for us:

Screenshot from 2015-09-07 14:18:43

“Dear All,

as Route Oldest me comes to the honor, to bother you with a little speech, I got prepared something.

Values Hitchhikers, dear guests, dear BR team!

For the past 2 months we move always with the thumb,

and cooled our palate with cold beers.

I remember sketchy at this major event, namely the Immenstart,

where you do not have faces lit up, the feelings young & unchosen and the thirst was still great.


What happened?

I look wistfully back at what has happened:

  • empty drunk pubs
  • itchy thumps
  • sprained ankles
  • bitten legs
  • swallowed methylated spirits
  • BodytoBody Sessions
  • filled and overfilled ashtrays
  • escalating ecstasies
  • occupied houses, waterfalls, deep and thoughtful conversations
  • people left behind with tears
  • the blue butt leading boat tours and bridges jumps
  • countless gas stations

But where are we now?

  • lost things
  • red faces
  • emotional burnt people

And what remains?

  • profound friendships for life and people who float on cloud nine!
  • these fully pooped toilets and expressed cigarette.
  • things that are so firmly burned into our brain that they will never switch off.

For such experiences that shoot out someone from everyday life so far, it requires the initiative of many people who sacrifice their time again and again for this – for our race.

That’s why I would like to say, as the route oldest, a big thank you to all those who have helped. But not forgetting the 5000 various existences who allows us the way, this journey, this happiness!

Thank you flaps, high five! “



We say thank you for the words, thanks to all the participants, donors, drivers and hosts – without each of you this would not have been possible. we enjoy the last days of our trip and look forward to everything that lies ahead of this wonderful project with him.
A project in which you are all invited to contribute to it!


Your Tramprennen – 2015 Crew



check the blogs about Tramprennen 2015, worth to read:



and we re looking forward to see the 2nd TV-documentary about Tramprennen in October (https://www.br.de/fernsehen/ard-alpha/programmkalender/ausstrahlung-484450.html)


Thanks to Jonathan Göpfert for the organisation of the group picture and to Confused State of Mind for the special effects!








Good morning everybody,

Here we are with the final information for you before Tramprennen 2015 is going to staaart..



They are tomorrow, Friday, August 21th!! The race itself starts on saturday morning.

Check the information in our blog or in the last mail.

Just for Immenstaad:

Due to private property issues we have to change the premeeting location in Immenstaad. Here is how find us:
You jump off at the Busstop “Immenstaad, EADS B31”, go to the intersection nearby and follow the street signs “Ferienwohnpark” and “Kluftern”. After about 300m on the left side of the road you will find a small footpath. Follow it and you are already in “Normannenweg”. Now go to the left and find number 52.

Please be here at 6pm. We can sleep at my parent´s place (cheeereoh!) and will go to the lake for our premeeting and a swim!



Please don’t forget your passport!


Our new Liveticker is online! The perfect tool to inform everybody at home about our trip!

Check: www.tramprennen.org/liveticker

So you can start from now on to send messages, photos or youtube-videos online on tramprennen.org, and you can also send sms to:


It would be great, if you also use the localisation function sometimes to complete our map on tramprennen.org

If there is any problem, feel free to contact Jonas (gro.nennerpmartnull@sanoj )



Spread the word about Tramprennen!

Local newspapers, radio stations and so on: Every report, even or especially in the local news, helps us to promote the culture of hitchhiking and to raise awareness for the work of Viva con Agua and PRO ASYL.

If you need more information: https://test.tramprennen.org/media-infos/


That’s it, finally! We re more than ready to go nuts on the road with you guys!!


See you tomorrow, Rain or Shine!

Your Tramprennen 2015 – Crew

Whoop whoop, friends of thumbing!

Crazy: never before have we been “fully booked” so early… the anticipation for the event is rising every day, activities are running full steam ahead and, what can we say, we’re hotter than cooking oil and more than ready! Therefore all that remains to be said is (warning, forced puns up ahead): Thumbs up… ha. Ha. Ha.

Heads up, cool cats!

It’s important to keep one thing in mind through all of the good vibes/hitching fun/anticipation! Like in other years teams will be fundraising and gathering donations before the race. This year half of the money raised will go to Viva Con Agua’s WASH-Projects, and half to the PRO ASYL association!

Why we collection donations and what the respective organisations do with that money can be found on our homepage, as well as on the homepages of each organisation. Exactly why we are raising money for these causes is a topic that needs no further explanation…

Every year teams have raised money in ever more imaginative ways, and each year we have managed to gather together incredible sums of money, and every little helps on the way! Of course we want to hitch hike, have fun, meet people, visit new countries, etc… but we also want to make the donation tracker go off the chart once more!

Kick that shit!

Ask your aunt/uncle/friends/acquiantances/lovers/grandmother/barman/hairdresser/check out girl/favourite band if they feel like sponsoring you! Hold a foosball tournament/make bets/sell cakes from your garage/host a party and collect money for your team: there are countless ways your team can raise money to help support our project! It would make us very happy if we could all go wild with fundraising in the next few weeks – the more cool ideas and the more people we get involved the better!

Donating money is easy as pie, your sponsors just need to go to tramprennen.org, and go to ‘Support your team’ under the Donations bar, where they will need to choose your and follow the instructions, et voila! Please note: Transactions are done through Betterplace, but that does not mean that people will need to donate to Betterplace as well, unless they want to. You can just choose when donating only to give money to PRO ASYL and Viva con Agua.

If you have any questions regarding the donation process/transactions/the projects we are supporting/whatever… just send us an email any time at gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni. We are excited for your involvement in the fundraising process, and even more excited for the race itself!

Love, kisses and a big whoop-whoop in advance,
Your Tramprennen-Crew


Ps.: Information for the Premeetings (next Friday, from 6p.m.on) will follow on Monday. Just keep in mind that our hosts will organise a place to stay for all of us!