Just a few days till the registration for this years tramprennen will start. At the 1st of June we will open our virtual doors and we hope you are as excited as we are! The Routes are more or less ready to hitchhike, just for the notorious Kiel we thought about something really special on the way to Lithuania.

Tramprennen enters the sea! At least maybe.

AHOY! Since we are already starting at a port-city, we had the idea to take the ferry to the baltic states at least with one route. The main advantage: you’ll arrive before everybody else in Lithuania and your route may be the only one that goes further north than all the others. Next to the additional time you will spend in the Baltics, we would be able to ease up the crossing of the border between Poland and Lithuania, since it is just 100 km wide. And of course we want to sing to the top of our lungs: “Whaat shall we doo with the drunken saailoor, eeeaaarly in the moooorning! Ayee-Ho”.

But the journey from Kiel to the Baltic states is not just funny, the ferry has to be paid, which means that those who want to take this special way of travel need to plan in some extra 65-100€. To make planning for you and us easier we initiated a poll and hope you participate. We need to know if and for how many people we need to reserve the ferry and that the reserved places will be paid. Therefore the poll will be quite binding, so think carefully if you really want to take this way to Lithuania and if you want to take the costs.

You can participate in the poll by logging in with your Tramprennen-Account. If you don’t have an account but want to take part in the poll just register on the Tramprennen-page.

[yop_poll id=”4″]

You will have one week to vote for the ferry-route, so we can fix the last routes as soon as possible. After that we will contact those of you, who want to cross the Baltic Sea by boat to discuss the next steps.

To get an idea how the other Routes from Erfurt and Lüneburg will look like just visit our Routes page.

So don’t forget to take part and of course sign up for the Tramprennen 2017, you landlubbers!

WHOOP – we got it: the final destination for the 10th Tramprennen! Do you remember the Kellermann’s Resort? Where Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swazye danced the last Mambo of the season? We found the small but nice Lithuanian Version of the Dirty Dancing paradise. It is located on the bank of the lake Baltieji Latakai just beneath the village Mindunai. So pack your bags, because the small Lithuanian Kellermann’s is this years destination. – YEAHAW!

The campsite is in an open forest next to a beautiful sand beach. A whole bunch of boats and kayaks are ready to hit the lake and invite you to discover also the small island right in front of the beach. The wooden piers are perfect for swimming, relaxing and enjoying a cold beer in front of a breath-taking view. And for those who want to keep an overview of the situation there is a tower in the center of the campsite from where you can even see above the treetops.

The routes, that will take us to the lake Baltieji Latakai, are going to start this year in the small student city Lüneburg, the notorious Kiel and last but not least Erfurt. So we got three incredible amazing starting points, it won`t be easy to decide for one. Luckily you have enough time to think this one through. Registration starts June 1st 2017.

But keep in mind: Kellermann’s resort was not in Miami Beach and Mindunai is not on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The temperatures can drop under 10 degrees Celsius during the night, especially at the beginning of September. But we took care. At least for some comfort. The campsite has not just a sauna but also a huge swedish bathing barrel, so bring your sauna oil.

But still it will pay off to pack more than just your light silk-sleeping bag. Maybe for this years 10th hitch-versary it is time to get a new one or invest in some outdoor-specials that survive even a Baltic September night. For more information we found a good comparison of outdoor-brands Outdoor-Firmencheck because sleeping-bag is not just sleeping-bag.
And if you already have to take care about your quick journey back, when all the craziness is over, you might find this interesting: it’s an one-hour-drive to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and in about three and a half hours you arrive in Klaipėda, a port city. Almost every evening a ferry is heading back to Germany. The trip costs around 80 euros and takes about 20 hours. Enough time to watch Dirty Dancing 1 and 2.

Anyway! To be honest, it is waaaay to early to talk seriously about the trip back. First we are going to carry watermelons in a cabin, dance real’ dirty so that neither the “Albatrosse” nor the “Möwe” will land near the Baltieji Latakai lake and of course we will sing to the top of our lungs: „And I’ve haaaaaaad the time of my lihhhiiifee….“!


Whoop, whoop! The tulips bloom and your pollen allergys start again. The easter days are coming! And so is the easter-Tramprennen. This year we discovered a special destination for you. Not just that there is the oldest indoor-church and the first hybrid-powerplant in Germany. This years destination is a stronghold of professional ping pong. The national player Laura Matzke and the ping pong legend Eberhard Sielmann have both their roots in the city. That means for you to pack, next to your marker and map, your ping pong bats. We are going to Prenzlau in the Uckermark.

The Campingplatz Solaris has already saved some grass for our tents and polished the ping pong table. Those who are not a big fan of tabletennis will find plenty of other activities in and around Prenzlau. You can discover the surrounding nature of the Uckermark by bike or canoe, you can rent your vehicle of choice at the campsite. For those, who are interested in culture, a walk to the citycenter of Prenzlau will be worthwhile. The old part of the city dates back to the 7th century. The best way to end a beautiful spring-day is to enjoy your cold beer in the ‘Gaststätte zur Fischerstraße’ or ‘Kalliwalde’ as the locals call it, where you have an incredible view across the Uckersee.

But as you already imagined, we have a challenge this year as well. To hitchhike directly to this small paradise would be to easy: you have to earn Prenzlau ;-)

We somehow mixed Scattergories and Hitchhiking and invented a tremendous (make hitchhiking great again ;-)) game called: “Stadt, Land, Lift” (City, Country, Lift)


Here are some rules:

Start: Friday, April 14th, 8 a.m., place: wherever you want

Finish: Saturday, April 15th 8 p.m., place: Prenzlau, Campingplatz Solaris

To join the game you need to print out our “Stadt-Land-Lift”-gamesheet, which is designed in remembrance of Peter Pony. In the left column you fill in the letter that you are chasing. Following Categories need to be filled in:



-river/or any other natural water

-licence plate (please don’t upload the whole licence plate to the internet)

-car brand

-Name of the lift (first or lastname and again don’t upload her*his full ID-card)

stadtlandlift2Download gamesheet

For every filled in field you will get one point, for a completely filled row you will even get 10 points. So it will pay off to fulfill all categories for one letter. And if you manage to get all letters for one of the six categories, you will be rewarded with incredible 100 points. But that’s a very hard one…. We want some proof, of course. So take Photos with the bar sign, your lift and car or the city sign. You can upload your location as well. For all this you can use the Club of Roam-facebook-page. Additionally we created an event on our homepage. If you want, you can register your easter-team there (minimum 2 persons and max. 4) and use the well-known and popular liveticker to present your proof. Yeahhaaa!

Register your team

Read and use the liveticker

We are curious, who will arrive on saturday with the most points. The campsite is reserved till monday. Enough time to party, play ping pong and explore the wildlife of the Uckermark. Of course for a special price: 5 euro per person and night. You can pay, when you arrive.

Two important Information at the end:

If you don’t register with a team, just let us know so we can plan accordingly.

And most important: Watch out that you don’t go to the wrong Prenzlau, because there is no hybrid-powerplant.


2017 brought up something new! After years of the same discussions about: “Where to go this time?” this year we made a voting with all the people who joined Tramprennen during the last 9 years. According to the comments you entered in the poll, we chose six regions, that could be the destination we are hitchhiking to on Tramprennen 2017 from August, 18th to September, 2nd.

And here are the results:



And: If you’re up for joining the orga-team in 2017: We will have a big meeting in February (24th to 26th) in Leipzig! If you want to join us, just send a mail to gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni.