Check the destination on Gmaps: Tramprennen 2012, final destination Lacal Surduc, Romania

After discussing a few destinations for this years race we finally decided to hitchhike to Romania this year. You will probably ask yourself “Again Romania?” and refer that question to Tramprennen 2010 which led us from Hamburg to the Vama Veche to the Black Sea two years ago. The answer is simple: Yes! because we loved Romania so much that we can’t wait to hitch there again.
Additionally, there are two major changes:

1. Most routes will go through Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and partly the Ucraine, countries we haven’t hitched in yet in one of the past 4 races since 2008.
2. The final meeting place is not at the Black Sea, but in the region of Temes at a small lake, more close to Serbia and Hungary.

The race will start on Saturday, the 18th of August and officially ends at the Surduc Lake after 2 weeks, the 1st of September. We’re currently working on the routes and planning to have 6 of them, starting from 5 or 6 different cities this year. The starting points and stages on the way to Romania are not finally determined yet. 6 routes means, we’re probably going to be 72 teams and appx. 150 people taking part in Tramprennen 2012 (1 route = 12 teams = 25 hitchhikers). Crazy shit! It’s a big challenge to get the whole shizzl organized and like every year – an experiment! And we’re looking forward to have again a big time with all of you on the road, keeping this project special and beautiful! :)

The next months and further information

At the moment we’re working on a new website, a renewal of the registration and donation tool, a better navigation through the whole page and especially the Live-Section. So hopefully everyone who can’t join the race will be able to follow us online. Stuff like the SMS Liveticker will get addtional options like MMS and Comments, so we can finally send pictures straight from the road to the website and keep friends, family and followers up to date.

We plan to start with registrations in the middle/end of May. As in previous years, teams will be formed out of 2 or three people, at least one of them needs to be male for safety reasons. Please consider this rule if you’re already searching for a hitchmate or plan to attend the race.

We’re also working on a Hitchpackage for everyone with useful and funny stuff again, but for the moment we can’t definitely say something about the inside. Because almost every hitchhiker from last year wanted to have a Hitchpackage we decided to make it obligatory for everyone this year to save time and have less burocratic work. We hope you’ll understand and respect this decision :).

Tramprennen – Since 2008 a hitchhike race for Viva con Agua and clear drinking water

2012 is the 5th year of Tramprennen and as in previous years, we will not just organize the race just for fun, but also to support the drinking water projects of Viva con Agua in cooperation with the Welthungerhilfe. Every participating hitchhiker is asked to find sponsors for their team, who donate 1, 2 or more Cents for each hitchhiked kilometer on the way to Romania. In the past two years we altogether managed to raise more than 25.000 Euro for drinking water projects in Burkina Faso, Rwanda and Guatemala! :)
Let’s go nuts again this year and help to provide clean drinking water for more people on this beautiful planet – through the simple act of hitchhiking!
Check more about Viva con Agua on their website

We’re looking forward to everything that comes in the next months and weeks, looking forward to hit the road again for two weeks with a bunch of crazy, lovely people, looking forward to share and listen to hundreds of thousands of amazing stories from and beside the road! :)

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or simply wanna leave some nice words – we’re happy to hear from you, so get in touch with us! :)
Through the newsletter, facebook and the website we’ll try to keep everyone up to date with informations about what’s going on with Tramprennen 2012! :)

And now let’s dance! :)
TR Crew :)


Any questions or concerns?
Drop us a line to: gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni!

Hey Friends!!

The 4 routes are full! 12 teams each route! The DonationCounter keeps rapidly increasing and less than a week until we’re finally back on the road!!

Following you find the necessary information for the PreMeetings in Hamburg, Basel and Berlin and also the starting point and time for the begin of the race!


PreMeeting, 21.August, 7pm:
Location: Haus 73
Adresse: Schulterblatt 73

Start Tramprennen 2011, 22.August, 7am:
Location: Neuer Kamp 32, in front of the Viva con Agua office
Start: 8am, meeting time 7am

bei Fragen zum Startort Hamburg bitte bei Hanjo (01762439957) oder Frirk (017663073728) melden!


PreMeeting, 21.August, 7pm:
Location: Rummelsburger Bucht am S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz
Adresse: Koordinaten (52.500255, 13.470161)

Start Tramprennen 2011, 22.August, 7am:
Location: Oberbaumbrücke (U- und S-Bahnhof Warschauer Straße oder Schlesisches Tor)
Start: 8am, Treffpunkt 7am

bei Fragen zum Startort Berlin bitte bei Marco (01631745489) melden!


PreMeeting, 21.August, 6pm:
Location: Hinterhof Bar
Adresse: Münchensteinerstrasse 81

Start Tramprennen 2011, 22.August, 7am:
Location: Dornacherstraße 192 vor dem Kulturverein CREOPOLIS
Start: 8am, Treffpunkt 7am

bei Fragen zum Startort Basel bitte bei Malte (01631947911) melden!

weitere Infos

Die Hitchpakete werden wir am Start an alle Teams austeilen!
Weiterhin wirds eine Trampermappe mit folgenden Infos drin geben: Treffpunkte der einzelnen Etappen, Handynummern aller Teams + Nummer für den SMS-Ticker, Sicherheitshinweise beim Trampen, Regelwerk + Punkteverteilung, Routenaccount für Fotos, Blogs und Rennen-Updates auf

Steil gehen!
die Tramprennnenenenennenen-Truppe!

Hello Friends, fresh from us to you: the new newsletter!

1. The route “Maddox” from Basel is cancelled!

We had to debate this for a while but made the most sensible choice in the matter of routes and participants. We will start with 4 instead of 5 routes and cancelled one of the two routes starting from Basel. Currently the field is pretty close to 4×12 teams and we do not expect the fifth route to have filled up in the next two weeks. We would have loved for all 5 routes to work, but we did not want to start with a half-full fifth route.

Hence, registration state looks like this now:

Tigers Gaarden: 12 teams (full)
Blues Laboe: 12 teams (full)
Ederbier Destroyerz: 9 teams
Fugbaum Kneipenterroristen: 11 teams

In the following week you’ll also receive updates with the exact starting and meeting points in Hamburg, Berlin and Basel.

We have received several request as to whether it might be possible to add a 13th team to a specific route. While we understand the wish very much, it cannot be done. For several reasons, one of which are group dynamics, we limited routes to 12 teams last year with positive results. Of course it can always happen, that a team spontaneously cancels or wants to swith routes. Please follow our facebook and forum posts. Or post in the forum yourself, if you want to switch.
A big sorry from our side of things, but please understand our motivations.

2. HitchPackage from now on only without SIM-card.

Our contingent of SIM-cards has been used up. Nonetheless all teams further have the opportunity to grab the “veggie hitchpackage”. It includes a Shirt, stickers and Edding markers! Questions about it should be directed to Ansgar (gro.nennerpmartnull@ragsna)! :)

3. Newspapers, radio and other media

Marcel and Sarah are tirelessly contacting magazines and newspapers, but can always use your help. So if you’d like an article in your local paper, write to the staff – many are happy about some interesting stuff, especially during summer! To contact a newspaper, you can use the (so far German only) press-area ( Or write to Marcel: gro.nennerpmartnull@lecram

The team Herschel Krustofski pioneered this action, check their article in the “Badischen Zeitung”: Article in Badische Zeitung

4. The DonationCounter

Goes steadily upwards! Together we so far manages to wash over 5000 bucks into the buckdet!! Respect!! Who knows, maybe we’ll manage to beat last year’s 413 cent – if everybody finds a few half-cent/km sponsors (12,50 Euro), we’ll come closer to our common goal!
Let’s do it! :)

5. Water is life!

Why we collect donations on the road will be nicely demonstrated by the documentaries on phoenix tonight at 22:15. Under the common title “The global water crisis”, phoenix will air several documentaries that tell the story of the global drinking water deficit and the problem of water privatization. A recommended watch: preview on phoenix

We can’t wait to go nuts with you – 2 weeks left!!!
Cheeeers and Whoop Whoop!!

Your Tramprennen-Dudes and Dudesses!
Ansgar, Hauke, Marcel, Sarah, Franzi, Malte, Pille und Wuddich

Hey Hitchers!

Here’s newsletter #3, please read especiall the first part! :)

1. Deadline Hitchpackage + your your shirt size until August 5th

Please transfer the money for the hitchpackage until August 5th! Especially the teams who ordered the packages after registration through Ansgar. Soon we’ll have to print the shirts, therefore we need your shirt sizes. In your profile menu is a menu where you can choose the shirtsize, please do so. As a short note: the shirts have a casual design, if your shirt size is inbetween S and M you might choose the bigger one…
Concerning the SIM-cards: our sponsor provides us with 40 SIM cards. Because so many teams requested a hitchpackage, this contingent will habe reached its limit soon! On the one hand its pretty sad, because we can’t provide every team with a SIM card. On the other side we’re more than happy, because we can cover all running costs through your help :)

2. The DonationCounter is exploding!

Yesterday we altogether cracked the 4000€! Totally insane, so many donations already three weeks before the race starts!

Big impact is thorugh the eBay auction of team “Funky Toilet” by team “Ehrenamt hat Feierabend” and “Schwabbelarsch”. Hannes managed to collect 550 Euro within a couple of days and is now his own TeamOwner! Check his profile:
Team Funky Toilet ! Awesomness! :D

Another great example is Team HansDampf from Hannover who can now proudly call a drunken Linux-Penguin their new TeamOwner! Check it: Team HansDampf

folks, let’s skyrocket the Counter together! :)
if you need some hints how to get sponsors, check our fundraising toolkit: Fundraising Toolkit

3. Registrations!

The routes are getting more and more crowded with teams. 1x Berlin and 1x Hamburg are full, 1x Basel and 1x Hamburg again half full with 6 teams.
Only route Maddox is still lonesome on the road with Team “Schwabbelarsch”. We consider to merge both routes from Basel in case no more teams will show up. So please, push the race. Tell your friends, share the link and the project on facebook! :)

Tramprennen Crew! :)
Pille, Malte, Ansgar, Hauke, Sarah, Frirk, Marcel, Wuddinger

Oye, Tramprennen-Freaks!
About a month from now we’ll be racing, laughing, dancing and having tons of fun! For clean drinking water!

Here the most recent news:

1. One route has changed!

Since one route had so far not captured anybody’s interest, we’ve reacted. After discussing the reasons with friends and participants, we’ve changed the route „Hauerei Maddox“. Several teams appear to prefer the Balkans over Italy, hence Maddox became a fourth route to tackle the Balkans.
And this is how it goes: Basel (CH) – Traunstein (D) – Zagreb (HR) – Novi Sad (SRB) – Skopje (MK) – Thessaloniki (GR) – Preveza (GR).

Also, it added two more countries to the list of where we’ll be passing through: Serbia and Macedonia.
Who has second thoughts about his or her choice of route now, can easily change routes in their team’s profile page: Switch route

2. The Fundraising-Toolkit!

The donation counter is starting to go steadily upwards. Over 1200 Euros are in the bucket already! We’ve received a few mails from hitchhikers that want to get started collecting donations but don’t know how to go about it. This is why we are now providing you with a fundraising toolkit with a few basic hints.
Check the Fundraising-Toolkit
Let’s make the bucket run over!

3. further team registrations

More and more teams are registering. Almost everyday a new one adds themselves. 49 are registered now – awesomeness! So when the last liability waivers have been signed and hitch packages paid, the race will be full soon. Tell your friend who are interested in participating – hitchhikers with real interest need to hurry up!

4. The shirts have been printed!

The shirts are done – check them out on live people:
The Tramprennen 2011 Shirt

5. Health insurance abroad

Ole from team DBT was so wise as to check insurance policies. He informs about it in this forum entry:
Read the Blogpost (german)

6. Go nuts!

We keep on working on the last details to ensure a fun and successful race. Also, our own team profiles are mostly online and we can’t wait to race with and against you!
At last, a message from Viva con Agua Switzerland

Cheeerio and see you soon!!
The Tramprennen-Crew!!