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new route +++ DonationCounter is exploding!

Oye, Tramprennen-Freaks! About a month from now we’ll be racing, laughing, dancing and having tons of fun! For clean drinking water! Here the most recent news: 1. One route has changed! Since one route had so far not captured anybody’s interest, we’ve reacted. After discussing the reasons with friends and participants, we’ve changed the route […]

News! registrations – donation counter – shirts!

Dear hitchhiking Friends,< br /> Big wheels keep on turnin’, which is why it’s time to drop some news. In around 6 weeks we’ll hit the road, the first team dizzes have happened and a few teams have found their first sponsors and the first donations are in. So here’s the most recent developments! 1.Registrations! […]

Fire from all holes! BOOUM! Registration started!

[singlepic id=1792 w=240 float=right] It has been done! After months of preparations we’ve finally made it and can let the big dog called “Tramprennen” off the chain! Fire from all holes! Registration has started! In good Tramprennen tradition, we’ve pimped the routes last minute. Especially the routes passing through Italy! Check the routes, check the […]

Tramprennen 2011: Overview of all 5 routes!

After teasing you with the first two routes, we’ve decided to let the next three off the hook in one go. The plan is to send you guys on the road on the 22nd of August from 3 different locations: Hamburg, Berlin and Basel – 5 different routes, all heading to Preveza, Greece. Every route […]

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2nd route Tramprennen 2011 – via Italy!

[singlepic id=1712 w=320 h=240 float=right] There we go, this is route Number 2: Destroijas Ederbiää! Let’s hitch through Italy! The path to Preveza will lead you from Hamburg to Bayreuth to Wörthersee to Bologna to Vieste to Ioannina to Preveza! After the 2nd stage you’re going to catch up with Route Fugbaum Kneipenterroristen at the […]