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Thumbs up for civil-sea-rescue

Tramprennen supports Sea-Watch e.V.   To help people across borders and through fences is one of the most humane things you could do. In our 10-year history as a Tramprennen we have experienced this humane act very often. People inviting us in their cars and transporting us across borders were and are essential to successfully […]

Easter Race in Osterode!

  Hey folks, The anticipation for the easter race is rising and you can’t wait to get more details? Here is our plan of action:   – Friday (March 30): Arrival – Harz is calling! We are going to meet up at Campingplatz Eulenburg (adress: Scheerenberger Straße 100, 37520 Osterode am Harz). So we all […]

Easter-Race and the Destination Country 2018! Whooop

  The temperatures rise, and it is time to hitchhike without gloves again! YEAH! In about 5 months we will hit the road again to start the hitchhiking-madness and race across Europe! You already know when (17.8.-1.9.) but not where… Today we will announce the final region we will race to in the Summer 2018. […]

Tramprennen 2018 Dates

  The Tramprennen 2018 will take place from August 18th to September 1st. More information about the registration process and our travel destination will be published soon. Stay tuned!

Tramprennen 2017 – A Short Review

Do you remember Mindunai? The bus stop and the small shop? Do you remember the sun tickling your face and all the happy people dancing, singing and playing guitar? Every few minutes more or less irritated drivers brought more people to this small bus stop in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Lithuania. The joy, […]